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What is CardFellow?

CardFellow is an advocate for fair and honest credit card processing fees that hosts an online marketplace where credit card processors compete for businesses.

We painstakingly select exceptional merchant service providers that adhere to our strict standards to offer you quotes within our marketplace. Then, if you'd like our help, we educate you about how processing fees truly work, and we help you select the best option for your business from the quotes you've received.

After you switch to your new processor, we stick around and provide monitoring that ensures you're never overcharged for credit card processing again.

You simply will not find another company with CardFellow's expertise that is willing to invest as much time as it takes to ensure your business secures the most competitive processing solution.

Give us a try. It's free to sign up, and we never share your contact information.

How is CardFellow different from other credit card comparison sites?

We're not just another affiliate marketing Web site that sells your information to the highest bidder or recommends a particular processor because it pays the highest commission.

Our success is rooted in delivering unmatched pricing instantly, and then providing you with unparalleled expert guidance and support both before and after you choose a processor.

Think of us as your unbiased consultant that provides guidance before you select a processor and the guardian of your rates after you choose the ideal solution.

How does CardFellow make money?

CardFellow's income depends on first securing the ideal processing solution for your business, and then ensuring you truly understand just how competitive your new rates and fees are.

The typical income model in the credit card processing industry is for processors to use the complexity of fees to extract as much money from your business as quickly as possible. The average merchant switches processors about every two years, so processors want to make as much money from your business as possible before you jump ship.

CardFellow's income model is exactly the opposite.

CardFellow makes money by receiving a commission from a processor if you select its offer, but there's a lot more to it than that.

Our income is based on securing the most competitive rates for your business right away, and then ensuring you understand just how competitive they are. That way, you will stick with your new processor because you are confident that you will not find lower pricing elsewhere.

Essentially, we make a very small commission for a long time. Today, 98% of the businesses that have used CardFellow over the past three years are still with the processor they initially chose, proving our approach is a win-win-win for you, CardFellow and our processing partners.

How does CardFellow work?

This is a great question that we've outlined in more detail over here.

Can CardFellow help my business?

We help all types of businesses secure the most competitive processing solution. Our guidance is not influenced by profit (we earn the same amount no matter which processor you choose), and the solutions available in our marketplace cover every major processing platform in the market today.

Our satisfied clients span a broad range from seasonal sole proprietors to multi-million dollar e-commerce companies, and everything in between. We're confident that we can help your business secure a competitive processing solution.