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Visa, MasterCard Settlement & Your Business

Visa Mastercard SettlementEarlier this month, Visa, MasterCard and several of the nation’s largest banks settled an antitrust suit with a group of seven million retailers. The suit, which dates back to 2005, accuses the card networks and banks of conspiring to fix interchange fees that businesses pay to process credit and debit cards. Continue reading

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Online Sales Tax Rules & Laws

Online Sales TaxAn online business does not currently have to pay sales tax in states where it does not have nexus. However, the topic of online sales tax is rapidly evolving as new laws emerge with the goal of allowing states to charge sales tax by standardizing laws and rates. Some states also have existing or emerging laws that expand the scope of nexus that dictates if sales tax can be collected. Continue reading

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[Case Study] Dukane Skin Care Saves Once, Twice…

Dukane Skin CareMy experience with has been amazingly positive every step of the way. It’s a quick and easy process that’s actually understandable. CardFellow made sure that my business secured the best rates possible, while also making sure that there were no unnecessary fees. Continue reading

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[Case Study] CardFellow Ensures Business Receives Durbin Savings

CardFellow ensure Durbin savings

We caught a processor in the act of pocketing Durbin savings, and we saved the business 43% when all was said and done. As this success story shows, a low rate is just the start of savings. A competitive pricing model and fair terms produce savings, too. Continue reading

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(not provided) – Google Analytics’ Alarming Trend

(not provided) Google

On October 18th Google announced that it would start protecting personalized search results in an effort to start making search more secure. As a result, any search queries performed by users that are signed in to their Google account will now show in analytics services as “(not provided).” Continue reading

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[Case Study] Saves Big with CardFellow

Adam J. Moore

Adam Moore has built a phenomenal business, and he knows exactly what he’s doing when it comes to eCommerce. So, it’s no surprise that he already had on interchange plus pricing when he signed up for CardFellow. Nevertheless, received an instant quote that ended up saving the company 26% on monthly credit card processing fees.

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