CardFellow FAQ

Is CardFellow a credit card processor?
No. CardFellow is not a credit card processor, and we don't provide credit card processing services. We deliver quotes from leading registered credit card processors, and then we help you choose the best option. We also remain a point of contact for support for as long as you're with your new processor.

How much does CardFellow cost?
CardFellow is 100% free. Credit card processors pay us a small commission if you select their quote. This allows us to keep our services free for you.

How does CardFellow work?
Sign up for a free account and you will receive multiple cost-saving quotes from leading credit card processors. Our credit card processing cost calculator and support will assist you in choosing the best solution, and then we'll remain available for customer service in addition to your new processor. CardFellow is the easiest, fastest way to find the best credit card processor.

Please see How it Works for a more detailed explanation.

How does CardFellow select processors?
This is a great question, and we have a detailed answer over here.

What if I don't currently accept credit cards?
You don't have to accept credit cards to use CardFellow. We help new and existing business alike.

Why should I use CardFellow?
It's tough to keep this answer short, but in a few words: CardFellow is the easiest, fastest way to find the best credit card processor.

What types of merchant account quotes will I receive?
You will receive competitive quotes based on the most transparent interchange-plus pricing model, and all quotes will have a month-to-month agreement without a contract term or cancellation fee.

Will any of the quotes that I receive have a cancellation fee?
We don't allow cancellation fees. All of the quotes that you receive will have a month-to-month agreement without a cancellation fee.

Do I have to accept a quote through CardFellow?
You're under no obligation to accept a quote through CardFellow. However, once you see the savings that the different quotes we offer, you're sure to accept the best option for your business.

Will I receive a ton of sales calls and emails?
No. Processors aren't able to see your contact information. We keep your information hidden, and it's only given to the processor whose quote you accept.

Will I know the names of the companies offering quotes?
Each processor has a complete profile detailing their company information along with ratings and reviews from merchants that have used their services.

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