CardFellow in the Press


Processing Credit Cards and Anger

What I liked about CardFellow was the opportunity to get a variety of quotes and the site’s well written blog. Read the full article

The Best Mobile Payment Systems: Small Businesses Weigh In

As CardFellow reports, only non-rewards credit card transactions (“qualified transactions”) get the lowest rate; others cost significantly more. Read the full article

CardFellow Throws the Flag on Visa’s Interchange End-Around

What CardFellow offers is a clear presentation of credit card processing fees, plus a way for merchants to cut down on fees without employing an army of accountants.Their blog is pretty great too – we use it as a Durbin reference all the time. Read the full article


Filomeno & Company Business Excellence Award

CardFellow fills a void in the hostile processing industry for an advocate that can help businesses navigate the perils of quickly and easily finding a competitive processing solution. The few services that do exist don’t come remotely close to offering the level of service and information that CardFellow provides instantly.
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