Create a Free CardFellow Profile

Are you are merchant service provider? Create a free profile at CardFellow today to grow your reputation and acquire new clients.

Why your company should create a free CardFellow profile

  • It's free & takes 5 minutes Really, it's free. We'll never ask for payment information.
  • Control your company's image You'll get instant access to create your company's page within our processor directory. Update content as often as you'd like to communicate the strengths and value of your service to merchants. You can also respond to reviews posted for your company.
  • Grow your reputation Impress merchants with your expertise and gain exposure by getting listed as an expert contributor within the product directory.
  • Acquire new clients Once your profile is complete, we'll make it visible in the processor directory and merchants can begin inviting quotes from your company immediately.

How to create your free CardFellow profile

Creating a profile is quick and easy, but first. Download the how-to guide and the quick-start guide so you know what to do when you're up and running. Once ready, just follow these steps to create a profile:

  • Claim your company's profile in the processor directory
    • You have to be an authorized company employee to claim a profile. Sorry, but you can't be an agent for the company.
    • Go to the processor directory and use the search utility to locate your company's profile.
    • Once you've found it, click the "Claim this profile" link in the upper right-hand corner of the profile to be brought back to this page, and then complete this form.
    • You'll get instant access to your account after completing the form.
  • Can't find your company's profile? No problem, just complete this form.
    • You'll get access to your profile as soon as you complete the form. You can begin adding content to your page and contributing to the product directory to gain exposure.
    • Once your profile is complete, we'll make it visible in the directory so merchants can begin requesting quotes from your company.

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