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Aliant Payment Systems Inc
FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida 33308

Main: 954-492-2530

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Aliant Payments

Aliant Payments is a credit card processing company that offers all of the typical services you’d expect from your merchant service provider. Aliant is active in the CardFellow marketplace, so if you have questions or need information, you can request it directly through CardFellow without giving out your contact info. In this Aliant Payments review and profile, we’ll provide all the details you need: info on Aliant’s rates and fees, services, reviews from customers, and more.

What is Aliant Payments?

Aliant Payments is a credit card processing company located in Florida. It is a registered ISO and MSP of Wells Fargo Bank and Synovous.

What services does Aliant offer?

Aliant provides the ability to accept credit and debit cards, checks, and gift cards, and boasts next-day funding of payments. You can take payments in person with a traditional credit card machine, online, or with your smartphone. Aliant works with many different types of businesses, and can support industries traditionally considerd ”high risk” for payment processing, including dating websites, travel businesses, software development, international, e-cigarettes, and more. 

In Person Processing

For taking credit and debit cards or checks in person, you can get set up with Aliant to accept payments using traditional credit card terminals or point of sale systems. You can take checks without worry thanks to Aliant’s 100% guarantee for checks, and have the option to convert paper checks to electronic transactions to eliminate a trip to the bank.

Online Processing

Taking payments online instead of in-store? Aliant can help you get set up with a gateway and shopping cart so that your customers can check out securely. Additionally, you can set up recurring billing to handle payments that come in on a set schedule. With no setup fees and custom integration possibilities, Aliant’s ecommerce solution will work for many online business owners.

You can also choose to utilize the virtual terminal option, which allows you to enter card details into a secure web portal and supports invoicing, encrypted card readers, and reporting capabilities.

Smartphone Processing

If you’re regularly on the go for your business, it may make sense to utilize credit card processing through your smartphone or tablet. With a card reader and a free app available from Google Play, you can swipe or hand key transactions, print or email receipts to customers, enable options to add tips, process refunds, and more. Smartphone processing works anywhere that you have a cell connection or WiFi.

Bitcoin Acceptance

For businesses that want to be able to take Bitcoin, Aliant makes it easy with a bitcoin acceptance option. Customers will pay in bitcoin, but it will be converted to dollars for you and deposited like any other transaction. 

bitcoin acceptance

You can add a bitcoin acceptance option to your ecommerce website, allow customers to pay with bitcoin through an invoice, or integrate acceptance with compatible tablet-based POS systems. Read more about accepting bitcoin.

Other Services

In addition to the payments services noted above, Aliant offers options for securing cash advances and implementing a gift card program. 

Merchant Funding

Also known as a cash advance, merchant funding is not a loan, but rather an advance of money against your future credit card sales. Approval is usually not based on a high credit rating nor requires collateral. Aliant states that credit scores as low as 450 may be approved, and that approval decisions are made in under 24 hours. You can request up to $250,000 and if approved, funds will be delivered to you within 3 business days. While merchant funding is usually faster than a traditional small business loan, be aware that merchant cash advances can be an expensive option.

Gift and Loyalty Cards

If you’re looking to take advantage of the popularity of gift cards, Aliant can help you put together a gift card program to encourage new business. Prefer to reward current clients and encourage repeat business? A loyalty program may be for you. You can create incentives like discounts for loyal customers.

What about equipment?

Aliant Payments offers equipment that operates on First Data’s platform, including FD model credit card terminals and the Clover family of processing equipment. It’s important to note that as of late 2017, Clover POS systems are NOT reprogrammable. That means that if you buy one from a processing company, the system can only be used with that specific company. If you want to change processors, you’ll need to purchase a new POS.

Additionally, Aliant offers the Poynt smart terminal, a dual-screen ”future proof” credit card machine. 

Aliant offers options to either purchase or lease credit card machines. Leasing is rarely in your best interest due to the increased expense, as the pricing table on Aliant’s website shows.

Aliant Payments’ Rates and Fees

Like many processors, Aliant doesn’t publish rates or fees. You can find out what you’d pay by requesting an Aliant Payments quote through this CardFellow profile. Sign in (or sign up for free) to use our quote request tool.

Aliant Payments Reviews and Reputation

Aliant Payments doesn’t have the biggest pool of reviews and customer opinions online, but there is still information that can give insight into the company’s reputation.

Better Business Bureau Accreditation and Reviews

Aliant Payments has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2013 and currently boasts an A+ rating. The company has 5 complaints with the BBB, however not all complaints are from existing customers. Non-customer complaints allege that Aliant utilizes robo-dialing (automatic dialing) in violation of telemarketing regulations. In Aliant’s replies on the BBB website, the company apologizes if the business was called, and explains that if the complainants provide their phone numbers, Aliant will be able to remove them from their automated calling system. 

Customer complaints allege that Aliant continued to charge after account cancellation. Aliant replied that they had not received notification of cancellation when the client said it was sent, and that the account was cancelled when notification was received. Aliant also offered a partial refund.

In addition to the formal complaints, there are 40 Aliant Payments reviews on the Better Business Bureau website. 39 reviews are marked as positive, while 1 is marked negative. The positive reviews praise Aliant for providing great rates, friendly service, ease of getting funds from cash advances, helping ensure clients understand the fees, and being a quality company. The negative review is not a current customer, but complains that Aliant repeatedly called the business and demanded money.

Aliant’s Reviews from Customers

On its website, Aliant Payments includes reviews from customers. The reviews praise the company for a quick application process, low fees, and helpfulness with questions. The testimonials include the reviewer’s name and business name at minimum, and in some cases include the reviewer’s last name and company title.

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Aliant Payment Systems Inc Web Reviews

Great Customer Service

new   Posted By: Cindy Notaro on 01/17/18

Heidy Wallace does an excellent job at helping with any issues I may have. Excellent Customer Service!

Customer Service

new   Posted By: Kathy Jones on 01/10/18

Heidy Wallace is always willing and able to help with any issues we might have. Excellent customer service.

serves many industries

new   Posted By: CardFellow on 11/14/17

Aliant is able to serve a lot of industries from traditional retailers and restaurants to “high-risk” businesses like dating websites and travel services.

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