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Based in Arizona, APS Payments (formerly American Payment Solutions) is a credit card processing company that offers services in the United States and Canada.

In spring 2019, American Payment Solutions rebranded. The company now goes by APS Payments. Not to be confused with First American Payment Systems, APS Payments typically receives better reviews and comments from customers. However, other customers’ experiences aren’t the only thing you need to know when considering a new processing company for your business.

In this overview, we’ll take a look at APS Payments’s services and explain how to get a real price quote.

Credit Card Processing

With APS Payments, you can take major credit and debit cards, and – if you choose compatible processing equipment – newer technologies like Apple Pay.

The company offers services to retailers (both traditional brick-and-mortar and mobile businesses like delivery services and vendors at fairs), hospitality businesses, and ecommerce businesses. APS Payments references American Express OptBlue pricing, the latest pricing model offered by Amex and designed to lower costs. If you’ve previously decided against taking American Express because it was too expensive, it may be worth your time to reconsider due to the lower cost options through OptBlue.

Read more about American Express OptBlue.


For retailers, APS offers credit card processing with EMV chip-capable terminals that are PCI compliant. Some models include wireless functionality and the ability to accept contactless payments like Apple Pay. If you’re looking for a full POS system, APS has cloud-based solutions that can be used with tablets or other hardware.

If you’re a retailer without a store location or just regularly take payments on the go, you can choose the smartphone card reader instead, allowing you to securely take payments through your phone.


The company offers its own gateway (called APSPAYS) for ecommerce transaction processing. The gateway provides options for one-time payments, recurring billing with a customer vault, and electronic invoicing. APS Payments provides this screenshot of the dashboard:

APSPays dashboard

The customer vault lets you securely store customer data to be used again for future purchases. You can also set up recurring billing to charge customers at set intervals for repeat purchases. If you send out invoices rather than sell goods, you can create PDFs with line item detail for payment.

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The APSPAYS gateway integrates with many popular shopping carts, including 3DCart, Big Commerce, Magento, Shopify, Volusion, WooCommerce, and more.

You'll also benefit from a consolidated reporting screen, as pictured:

ASPays reports

B2B Transactions

Business-to-business (B2B) transactions are a little different than typical consumer credit card transactions. You’ll need to provide extra information about the transaction, or else you’ll end up paying higher rates for corporate or government cards.

With the APSPAYS gateway, you can handle level 2 and level 3 data, helping ensure that you’ll get the lowest possible interchange costs for B2B transactions.

The company offers a demo of its Level 3 information screen to help walk you through what data you’ll need to include depending on the transaction you’re processing.

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Virtual Terminal

Taking payments over the phone or by fax requires a virtual terminal. APS offers one, and includes a demo of the system so you can see how it works. We tested the virtual terminal in the demo mode and found it to be straightforward and easy to use.

A menu bar on the left hand side lets you choose what you need to do – process a sale or refund on a credit card, process a sale or refund by check, add subscription plan types, add customers, add an invoice, and more.


The APS Payments hospitality program is endorsed by the California Lodging Industry Association and the Independent Lodging Industry Association. It’s also the exclusive payment provider for Magnuson Hotels and an exclusive partner of the Stash Network.

Magnuson Hotels

Those operating Magnuson Hotels must use APS for payment processing. APS states that its Magnuson clients will receive next-day funding, rates that are guaranteed not to go up, free PCI compliance assistance, and free reporting.

Stash Network

If you’re part of the Stash Network, you can take advantage of next-day funding, guaranteed rates that will never go up, and a free credit card machine program.

Additional Services

Beyond credit card processing, APS states that it offers:

  • Gift Card and Loyalty Programs
  • Payroll Services

However, the company provides almost no information about either of these services. APS provides a list of benefits associated with better payroll management (like lowered risk associated with ACA compliance, reductions in employee time spent on payroll administration, better cash flow, and more) but doesn’t offer specifics on APS’ service.

Chargeback Education

To assist businesses in avoiding chargebacks (or responding to a chargeback once it has been initiated), APS offers a section of its FAQ to chargeback management. Topics include responding to information requests, the chargeback cycle, responding to chargebacks, types of information to provide, and tips for avoiding chargebacks.

If you’re concerned about chargebacks, you may also want to consider a chargeback management company.

ERP Integration

APS integrates with ERP solutions to help consolidate your important business functions and reduce manual entry errors. American Payments works with QuickBooks, Acumatica, Sage 100, and SAP B1.


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APS Payments Rates and Fees

If you’ve spent any time researching credit card processors, you know that many don’t publish rates and fees. This is because the actual costs will vary from business to business and are affected by numerous factors such as how you accept cards, your industry, and more.

APS doesn’t publish pricing on its website, but you can get the real numbers specific to your business right here in this review, with no cost or obligation. Simply use the “request quote” button (or go here) to see costs.

APS Payments Reviews

APS has been around for about 10 years, so the company has had time to collect reviews across the internet. We were able to locate information at the Better Business Bureau, on Google Reviews, and through APS’ Facebook page. (Currently, APS does not offer customer testimonials on its website.)

Note that we're including reviews for the company's old name - American Payment Solutions - in addition to any newer reviews for the name "APS Payments."

At the Better Business Bureau

American Payment Solutions is accredited with the Better Business Bureau, where it currently has an A+ rating, and no complaints. The company doesn’t have any positive reviews at the BBB, either, but overall, the lack of complaints bodes well.

Google Reviews

As of 2017, there are three reviews for APS on Google Reviews. All three give the company 5 stars.

APS reviews

Reviewers praise the company for live people at customer service who can answer questions quickly, for lower rates that save businesses money, and for the owner doing what’s right to take care of customers.

On APS’ Social Media

American Payment Solutions maintains a Facebook business page, where it has nine reviews totaling a 4.6-star rating. The rating comes from eight 5-star reviews and a single one-star review. Many of the reviews simply provide a star rating with no text commentary. However, the positive reviews that do offer further detail rave about great service, honest practices, and assistance with PCI compliance. The single negative review simply provided a 1-star rating and did not explain the low score.


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