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You may have come across CardReady recently for a negative reason: it is being sued by the FTC and the State of Florida for credit card laundering. In this CardReady review and profile, we’ll provide information on that lawsuit, as well as offer a general overview of CardReady’s services, costs, and more.

Quick history

CardReady is a payment processing company founded in California in 1998. It was one of the earliest companies to offer processing for e-commerce businesses.  

What services does CardReady offer?

As a credit card processing company, CardReady offers credit and debit card processing (both in-store or online), check processing, and gift or loyalty card programs.

Credit and debit card processing
CardReady offers credit and debit card processing for major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and Diners’ Club. Cards can be taken through credit card terminals; some terminals have the ability to accept contactless (NFC) payments like Apple Pay. CardReady also offers next day funding, though it states in its FAQ that most deposits take 48-72 hours.

If you need to take payments online instead of with an in-store terminal, CardReady can get you set up for that, too. Online payments also feature a recurring billing option to help you easily automate repeat payments.

Check processing
Even though credit cards are a popular form of payment these days, some businesses like to be able to accept checks to accommodate more customers. CardReady offers electronic check conversion. With electronic check conversion, you’ll scan a paper check through a check imager when your customer pays, and it will get turned into an electronic deposit. Electronic checks are usually deposited faster, don’t require a trip to the bank, and increase convenience.

Gift and loyalty cards
Looking to take advantage of the popularity of gift cards? CardReady can help you get set up to sell and redeem gift cards at your location. If you’re more interested in offering a loyalty program to encourage repeat business, CardReady offers that, too.

Can I get equipment from CardReady?

Yes. CardReady can get you set up with a full-featured POS system, a countertop credit card terminal or PIN pad, or mobile swiper for your smartphone. Features vary by model, but popular brands (including Verifone, Ingenico, Pax, Nurit, and Hypercom) are available.

What are CardReady’s rates and fees?

CardReady’s website states that rates start at 0.35%, which is an indication that the company uses tiered pricing, though another section of the website suggests that high volume businesses may be eligible for “true cost” pricing. Other details are not available, so to get an accurate fully-disclosed quote for your business, you can request a quote from CardReady through CardFellow.

Is there a contract?

CardReady states that there is no contract, but be sure to read any documents carefully and know what you’re getting into before your sign up.

CardReady reviews and reputation

There are not a lot of CardReady reviews online, making it difficult to assess the company’s reputation or history of consumer satisfaction. As CardFellow has not directly reviewed CardReady’s statements, we can’t offer firsthand information as to the company’s pricing or the transparency of their statements.


In January 2016, CardReady was sued by the Federal Trade Commission and the State of Florida for credit card laundering and illegally assisting a telemarketing debt relief scheme.

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