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Future Payment Technologies
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Dallas, Texas


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Future Payment Technologies (aka Future PayTech) Review

Future Payment Technologies (Future PayTech) is a credit card processing company founded in 2006 and based in Dallas, Texas. The company hasn’t always been known by that name, though. It has formerly done business as Crescent Processing, Park Central Company, and Atrium Processing. The company claims to serve over 100,000 businesses across the United States and emphasizes its “small business friendly” services.

Future PayTech also says its services are “competitively priced,” but declares little in the way of fee structure on its website to back up its claims.  Does this mean they offer the best deal for your company?  We did a little digging and found some useful info about Future PayTech’s services and reputation to help you decide if they might be a good match for you.

Future PayTech Services and Features

Future PayTech services’ include POS processing for credit and debit cards through ecommerce websites, point of sale systems, and contactless (NFC) terminals. The company offers next-day funding, though it’s not clear if that is included standard or requires an additional fee.

The company also offers check processing and gift card services as well as a merchant cash advance program to provide customers with working capital.  Here is a closer examination of these services.

Card Acceptance
Future PayTech offers point of sale (POS) credit card services that can take traditional magnetic stripe credit and debit cards as well as new “chip” cards. You can also take digital wallets using NFC-capable equipment through the company’s technology partner Diamond. More information on terminals may be found in the Equipment section, below.

Future PayTech processes PIN-based debit card transactions through its direct connection to regional and national debit processing networks.

Ecommerce Services
Curiously, we couldn’t details about Future PayTech’s ecommerce website payment services, other than they are offered. If you are interested in this feature, you’ll need to contact the company directly with questions.

Gift Card Processing
As a Future PayTech client, you can offer gift cards to your customers that – once activated by swiping through your terminal and entering the desired amount – are stored in Future PayTech’s database for your customers to use when they wish.  Both you and your customer can access card balance information online. Gift cards may be used multiple times and are rechargeable.  The program requires no start-up costs but does have a monthly fee, which is not disclosed on the company’s website.

Check Processing
Future PayTech’s Check Conversion service scans and instantly verifies checks, helping reduce losses associated with returned or cancelled checks. For customers that still prefer to pay you with a check, the check conversion service makes it convenient for you.

Cash Advance Services
Future PayTech’s Cash Advance program offers working capital for a variety of business expenses. The company claims that most approvals are granted within 3 business days. It adds that there are no set payment terms or personal collateral requirements. In some cases, cash advances can be a good idea, but in others, they’re expensive and unfavorable. Check out our article Should You Get a Merchant Cash Advance? for more information.

Targeted Zip Code Marketing (FPT Intelligence)

FPT Intelligence is an exclusive service offered standard to all of Future PayTech’s customers. The company says you can use its marketing information to understand:

  • Where your customers live and their average income
  • Their spending habits at your business
  • Your advertising dollar’s return on investment (ROI)
  • Who and where your local competitors are

Targeted zip code marketing is included automatically when you open a merchant services account with Future Payment Technologies

Equipment Options

Every Future PayTech client receives a Diamond “FuturePlus” credit card processing terminal at no additional cost.  The machine is PCI DSS compliant. Future PayTech can also provide a web-based virtual terminal to process mail order or phone order transactions. The company’s website does not disclose fees for the virtual terminal, nor does it say how much multiple terminals (POS or virtual) would cost. It’s also worth noting that free credit card machines often include additional fees somewhere else, so be sure you take a look at all of the costs.


Future PayTech is certified as a level one PCI compliant provider, and utilizes encryption and tokenization for cardholder security. Information on available anti-fraud tools or merchant PCI compliance assistance is not available.

Customer Support

Future Payment Technologies offers a Call-Me feature, where you can press a button on your FuturePlus terminal and a company client services representative will call you back. This means you don’t have to sit on hold waiting for a service rep. How long you have to wait to be called back is not stated, as it likely depends on the time of day and call volume the service center is experiencing.

Future PayTech also offers secure web portal access to its service center where you can manage your account, and communicate directly a with client service representative.

Future Payment Technologies Rates and Fees

As is often the case, Future Payment Technologies doesn’t publish rates or fee information on its website. Fortunately, you can get a full quote without having to contact a representative or deal with pushy sales people. Instead, you can request a quote from Future PayTech using CardFellow’s free and private quote comparison form.  

The company doesn’t include information about contracts or early termination fees, either, although several complaints with the Better Business Bureau reference a $495 cancellation fee.

Future PayTech Reviews

Future PayTech has been around long enough to start having a presence online. The Better Business Bureau reveals the following cumulative information for Future PayTech, along  with its previous DBA’s and company names: Its overall rating is A- with a total of 173 complaints lodged in the last 12 months.  The three most prominent customer issues fall into the categories of advertising and sales, billing and collection, and product and service delivery. Complaints allege difficulty cancelling service (or continuing to be charged after cancellation, including by the company’s other names), changing or hidden fees that weren’t disclosed, unauthorized account debits, deceitful practices, and high cancellation fees.

Ripoff Report lists 27 complaints with Future PayTech’s formerly named company – Crescent Processing.  Virtually all of them involve the company’s independent sales and marketing contractors, and echo the complaints at the BBB – unethical sales practices, unauthorized debits, and difficulty ending service.

Heading over to Yelp, we find 33 reviews of Future Payment Technologies, and an overall 1-star rating. Some accuse the company of not even providing merchant services, but just trying to get the business’s financial information. Others have similar complaints to other review sites, saying the company has aggressive and dishonest sales tactics (including pushy cold calls), money pulled from accounts unauthorized, hidden fees, and long contracts.

In Future PayTech’s “About Us” section of its website, it lists a couple of customer testimonials, which attempt to counteract the negative reviews available elsewhere. The two available reviews claim that Future PayTech has knowledgeable and helpful customer service representatives. The testimonials include the business name and location of the reviewer.


Many of the company’s complaints seem to stem from its strategy of aggressive independent sales agent. The company has also occasionally used telemarketers as part of this strategy.

At this time, we have seen no indication that the “new” Future PayTech has improved the practices that garnered negative reviews under other names, though few self-selected testimonials on the company’s site indicate that customers are pleased with the products and services. 

But here’s the good news. Since many complaints indicate problems with the company’s sales and hidden fees, you can use CardFellow’s quote request tool to see how pricing from Future PayTech really compares to other companies.  That way you can bypass the marketing mumbo jumbo, and evaluate the company’s offering directly to you: without the headaches of dealing with a sales rep.

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