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In late 2017, Canadian-based processor Helcim launched a completely redesigned payments platform. The platform aims to offer all the payment services you need in one complete solution.
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First Data, Elavon, Chase Paymentech

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Elavon, U.S. Bank, Wells Fargo

Called Helcim Commerce, the solution includes features such as a customer management option, self-serve portal, a secure card vault with recurring billing options, invoicing, centralized product catalog, inventory management, Fraud Defender, QuickBooks integration, and options for a fully-hosted online store or tablet-based point of sale system.

About Helcim

Helcim Commerce integrates with Helcim merchant services for seamless payment processing.

As Helcim tells CardFellow:

Our software is much more in line with companies like Square, Shopify, and others, yet most software providers offer (high) flat-rate processing rates to small businesses. Our approach is to continue offering Interchange+ pricing to businesses of all sizes, while giving them access to an all-in-one platform that lets them grow their business and do more.

Helcim Commerce Features

The Helcim Commerce platform can be loosely split into two main categories: taking payments, and other business and management functions.

Taking Payments

A big component of the Helcim Commerce feature is the multiple options you’ll have for accepting payments. With an integrated Helcim merchant account, you’ll be able to accept credit and debit cards in person, through an online storefront, via recurring billing for subscription businesses, or through invoices.

Helcim’s online dashboard provides an overview of your recent transactions that you can sort by variables such as date, order number, card type, and more.

Helcim transactions

In-Person Sales

The Helcim Commerce point of sale software can be run on a PC or Mac for desktop computers or on a tablet or mobile phone. The software is available for both Android and Apple tablets and phones.

Helcim offers this intro video about the POS:

You can connect compatible accessories to create your own point-of-sale system. Helcim Commerce works with Ingenico credit card machines or the Helcim Mobile reader for card swiping. You can choose to add a printer, barcode scanner, or cash drawer as well.

Online Storefront

If you need to create an online store, Helcim Commerce can host it and help you easily populate the store using the content management system. You can create custom pages, upload product pictures and descriptions, and even add a blog. The online store option includes a shopping cart and can be configured to include taxes and discounts.

Since shipping is a crucial component of online sales, Helcim Commerce integrates with UPS, FedEx, USPS, and Canada Post. You’ll have the option to add shipping methods based on weight, total order amount, or country/region. The Helcim Commerce dashboard allows you to easily see the status of your online store and make adjustments to various settings.

Helcim online store

As for the technical side, Helcim can help there, too. Helcim Commerce includes SEO tools to you’re your store in search results. Unlike some other web store builders, you can choose to purchase your own domain name and direct it to Helcim. Additionally, you won’t need to purchase a third-party SSL certificate, as Helcim Commerce automatically generates and installs one for you when you enable your online store.

Subscription and Recurring Billing

Helcim Commerce’s subscription and recurring billing solution goes beyond simply offering a secure card vault to store cards. It offers a full subscription management platform where you can generate custom plans, pro-rated billing for new clients that sign up mid-billing cycle, offer free trials, create pricing for one-time fees or add-ons, or set up metered billing to charge for additional usage.

You can also email clients about free trial expirations or an upcoming bill. The system automatically notifies customers with cards that are close to expiration so that they can log in to their account to update card information.


Helcim Commerce lets you create unlimited invoices, which can be customized. You can change colors and fonts, customize messages, and automatically calculate taxes based on your location and your customers’ location. You can email invoices to customers, who can view them from anywhere and pay immediately using a “pay now” button in the email. When customers pay, you and the customer both receive an email receipt. You can customize receipts with your logo and colors.

When your customer pays, the information is automatically stored in that customer’s Helcim Commerce profile for faster checkout during their next payment.

Business and Management Functions

Aside from the payments functions noted above, the Helcim Commerce platform allows you to easily perform other business and management-related functions, such as customer tracking, inventory management, and running reports.

Customer Management System

The built-in customer management system allows you to easily track important customer data, including shipping address, language preferences, and card information. You can even enable a self-serve portal for your customers. Through the online portal, your customers can log in to make payments, review orders, update saved payment information, and more.

Best of all, you can control the look and feel of your customer portal, adding your logo and updating colors to match your brand. Advanced users can even modify the portal’s CSS.

Product Catalog and Inventory

The product catalog option is a central database that helps streamline inventory management. You can organize items by category or brand, set pricing, offer discounts, and even control through which channels particular products can be sold.

You also have the option to control whether inventory levels are shown to customers and whether you’ll permit back orders.


Your Helcim dashboard lays out different available reports under categories, such as sales reports, user reports, tax reports, and more. You can even request a specific report using the “new report request” option in the bottom of the dashboard.

Helcim sales reports

Helcim Commerce Costs

The Helcim Commerce platform will run you $15/month for retail or $35/month online. The monthly cost includes a merchant account (though you’ll still have fees for the individual transactions) and includes unlimited users.

Helcim Rates and Fees for Credit Card Processing

With the exception of the monthly fee for a merchant account, credit card processing costs are separate from the cost for Helcim Commerce. The company stresses that it will continue to offer transparent interchange plus. The actual rates will vary depending on how you accept cards. Helcim splits rates into categories for retail merchants (in-person payments), online/ecommerce, and non-profits.  

Helcim credit card machines

Helcim publishes its markup for businesses processing different amounts. Retail businesses taking payments in person can expect to pay 0.25% + 8 cents (on top of the costs of interchange) when processing under $25,000/month down to 0.10% + 5 cents for businesses processing more than $5,000,000/month.

Helcim rates swiped

If you’re an ecommerce business or accepting payments online, rates start at 0.45% + 25 cents for businesses processing less than $25,000/month and drop to 0.10% + 10 cents for businesses processing more than $5,000,000.

Helcim rates ecommerce

Remember that these rates are on top of other credit card processing fees such as interchange and assessments.

On its website, Helcim offers a calculator to show approximate average costs you can expect to pay based on your average sale. Helcim also boasts no cancellation fee and volume-based pricing discounts for larger businesses.

If you choose to purchase equipment, Helcim lists the costs for the terminals it offers. Additional merchant services, such as international currency processing or level 3 data, incur additional fees.

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Helcim Reviews

At the time of this writing, the Helcim Commerce platform is still fairly new, and existing client reviews may not refer to that platform. We’re leaving that information here for historical accuracy, and will continue to update this section with additional reviews that specifically relate to Helcim Commerce as they become available.

Helcim Inc. has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2014 and boasts an A+ rating as of June 2018. The high score is undoubtedly due to the fact that Helcim has had no formal complaints lodged with the BBB in the past 3 years.

The company also has more than 50 google reviews, totaling 4.5 stars overall. The positive reviews praise Helcim’s reasonable rates, helpful customer service, ease of use, and accurate information. Some reviewers mention switching from other companies and finding Helcim to be lower cost and with better service.

The negative review (to which Helcim responded, giving its side of the story) complains that the reviewer is not happy with the customer service due to being charged fees after closing the account. Helcim explains that fees were withdrawn correctly for the previous month.

Some of the negative reviewers express frustration that Helcim is just a ‘front end’ for processor Elavon and that they had to deal with unhelpful Elavon reps. Others complain that their accounts were closed abruptly. Helcim responds to the negative reviews, sometimes explaining its side of the story (such as accounts closed due to undisclosed excessive chargebacks) and other times pointing out that the company doesn’t have a record of a customer with the reviewer’s name.

Helcim According to Helcim Customers

A section of Helcim’s website is devoted to customer testimonials. Reviewers praise Helcim’s professionalism, fast response time, lack of contracts, ease of use, affordable pricing, and straightforward answers. Reviews include the reviewer’s name, company name, and location.

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From Alixe, on Jul 10, 2017


Very satisfied with Helcim. Rates easy to understand and exactly as quoted. Payments are timely and machine runs smoothly.


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