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Huntington Merchant Services
6201 Powers Ferry Road
Atlanta, Georgia

Sales: 800-330-4267

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Huntington is a payment processor that offers services through collaboration with First Data. Headquartered in Atlanta, Huntington works with over 200,000 merchants, and First Data processes more than 6 billion transactions each year. With Huntington businesses in a variety of industries (including retail, lodging, restaurants, delivery, e-commerce businesses and more) can accept payments in person, over the phone, and online with an e-commerce website or payment manager option. In this Huntington review and profile, we will guide you through the services offered and see what online reputation suggest about being a client.

What services are provided by Huntington?

Huntington provides the ability to accept a variety of payment types, including credit and debit cards, gift cards, and checks. (Specific equipment to accept checks may be required.) Payments can be accepted in person using point-of-sale terminals or online with an internet gateway. The online payment gateway also allows PayPal acceptance and international payments. Another option is using the payment gateway’s payment manager to accept payments by mail or phone using an existing computer.

Credit and Debit Card Processing
Any business that accepts payments can benefit from accepting credit and debit cards. With Huntington, major credit cards that can be accepted include MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. Additionally with debit cards, you may be able to offer a cash back option. Credit and debit cards can be accepted both in-person or online, as well as by mail and phone.

Gift Cards
Gift cards are a popular option for a variety of celebrations and gift-giving occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, promotions, and more. For those who want to offer gift cards to increase customer loyalty and repeat business, Huntington offers an electronic gift card solution.

Customers can purchase gift cards in any amount up to $500 and funds are deducted automatically at the time of purchase. Reporting options are also available for gift cards, helping you to track the effectiveness of your gift card sales. You have the choice of two options for the Huntington gift card program: standard cards and custom cards.

Standard Gift Cards
The standard gift card option is the ideal choice for those who don’t require a fully customized card, or would like a smaller minimum card order. Standard gift cards are available in a choice of 8 designs with the business name printed on the card in a choice of 5 colors. A minimum order of 500 cards is required.

Custom Gift Cards
If you would like gift cards that match your brand or business logo, the custom gift card package might be better. All you have to do is provide artwork in electronic format, and order a minimum of 1,000 gift cards. Graphic design services may be available for those who need help with custom gift cards.

For both Standard and Custom gift card options, cards delivery times vary during peak or off-peak months. Cards are available in 14 business days from February - September and in 3-6 weeks from October - January.

Check Processing
With Huntington, you can accept paper checks with extra security by using the TeleCheck check acceptance option. TeleCheck allows you to convert traditional paper checks into electronic transactions for approval and electronic depositing. TeleCheck acceptance may require specific payment processing devices to use.

What about equipment and software with Huntington?

Huntington offers both point-of-sale terminal devices, and an online gateway for payment processing through an e-commerce website, by phone, or by mail. These products are all provided through First Data.

Point-of-Sale Equipment
Huntington offers a range of terminals for payment processing. Features vary by model, and may include options such as LCD screens, TeleCheck acceptance, touchscreens, integrated PIN pads, wireless options, and more.

Huntington also offers equipment solutions for retail and restaurants, designed to address the specific business needs of those industries.

Online Gateway
If your storefront is made of pixels on a screen and not bricks and mortar, Huntington offers the First Data Global Gateway E4 for online payments. The Global Gateway boasts a hosted checkout option, allowing you to add payment processing using customized checkout pages. Hosted payment pages allow the convenience of accepting payments directly on a business website, with the security of sensitive information being handled by the Global Gateway.

If your business accepts payments over the phone or by mail, the Global Gateway offers a real-time payment manager designed to allow you to use your existing computer and internet connection to accept and process payments. The Payment Manager is web-based and user-friendly, allowing businesses to quickly get set up for payment processing.

The online gateway solution also includes real-time reports, helping to analyze and better manage your business. You can also set up recurring billing for any goods or services sold to customers on a set schedule, like weekly or monthly memberships.

Are there any security benefits?

Huntington offers PCI compliant solutions to help protect businesses and cardholders. Additionally, First Data's TransArmor security solution provides tokenization and added security. For fraud prevention, you can also take advantage of Address Verification Services, CVV, and 3D secure.

Address Verification Services let you verify the address on file with the credit card company and the address given by the customer. With CVV, you can verify the 3-digit code printed on the back of a customer's card to ensure authorized use. 3D secure, offered by several major credit card companies, requires additional information from the customer to validate purchases.

Huntington Rates and Fees

Huntington doesn't publish pricing on its website, most likely because pricing can be complicated and vary from business to business depending on needs. If you would like to find out how much you would be paying with Huntington’s services, you can request a fully-disclosed quote through CardFellow. Our free service allows you to privately request and compare information from different processors.

Huntington Reviews and Online Reputation

Unfortunately, Huntington has no online customer reviews to report on. Not only is it not accredited with the Better Business Bureau, but it doesn’t even have a profile. As for the common arenas for people to voice opinions (Yelp, Ripoff Report, and Google reviews), the sites are either silent or too inundated with companies that have similar names to prove useful. Huntington does not list any testimonials on its website either.

Given that Huntington’s reputation is so unknown, we recommend being cautious with contracts and fully aware of what you are getting into if you choose the company as a processor.

The lack of Huntington reviews makes it difficult for businesses to know what they’re getting into. Help your fellow business owners out. If you’ve used this company, leave a Huntington review.


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Huntington Merchant Services has not received any verified reviews.

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Huntington Merchant Services Web Reviews

You WILL regret the 2 year contract!

new   Posted By: Pat Falkosky on 08/02/17

The early cancellation fee is at least $500. Expect to pay 3.5-4% per transaction. The EARLIEST your money will be deposited into your account is 3 business days. Sunday is NOT a business day, so the cards you run Thursday, Friday and Saturday you WILL wait 4 days for your money. You will be charged $25 PLUS all the other fees if you don’t have any transactions that month. Go with Square! Fees are lower, get your money faster and they are MUCH easier to deal with.

Huntington merchant services

new   Posted By: Dixie Litchard on 02/05/16

Absolute worst services I have ever experienced.
Called last week to try and close my account due to them constantly charging me. When the business I was working for no longer even has the terminal. impossible to reach anyone at all. Have called and called. And then a lady said that i would have to pay a 500$ fee for closing my account. I’M NOT EVEN A PARENT ACCOUNT! will never bank there. Ever. And will be telling any other business to avoid them like a plague.

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