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  • Business age 10+ Years
  • Acquiring Bank(s)HSBC (First Data), Synovus Bank, Wells Fargo
  • Processor(s)Global Payments
  • Company Structure(s)Independent Sales Organization (ISO)

2578 West 600 North
Lindon, Utah 84042

Main: 800-774-6462

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OpenEdge by name is a relatively new processor, but one with a backstory. The company is a division of Global Payments and resulted from the merge of Accelerated Payment Technologies and PayPros. OpenEdge serves a variety of businesses and markets itself as a leading source of technology that can make payment processing safer and more effective. Interested? In this OpenEdge review and profile we explore services, reputation, and more, all with the objective of helping you find the right processor.


What services does OpenEdge offer?

OpenEdge can help process payments in-store or while you are on-the-go. Added features like recurring payments, check services, loyalty card programs, and offline processing can benefit your business in other ways as well.

In-Store Payments

Restaurant? Retail? A high-end day spa that caters to people’s pets? No matter what industry you are in, if you need a way to accept payments in card-present environments, OpenEdge can help. OpenEdge offers support for major credit and debit cards, as well as Apple Pay using the iPhone 6 and later.

Mobile Payments

If you run a business that keeps you running around as well, mobile payments can be a great convenience. OpenEdge allows you to take payments through any mobile device whether Apple or Android. Payments include end-to-end encryption and signature capture. You can use secure card readers (like the MagTek Bullet and the IDTech Shuttle) so that you do not have to key-in transactions.

Recurring Payments

Subscription based services (like gym memberships) need methods for recurring and scheduled payments. OpenEdge can provide that service with an added perk. The company’s decline minimizer updates expired credit card automatically, reducing the number of declined payments in recurring or subscription billing payment situations.

OpenEdge Check

Checks are still a preferred method of payment for some people and OpenEdge offers services to make accepting them simpler. If you want to accept checks, you can utilize ACH or Check 21 and convert the paper checks into digital transactions. An optional verification service approves or rejects checks by examining fraud history and validating the routing number of the check. This helps eliminate bounced checks and funds are deposited directly into your account. 

OpenEdge Gift

Loyalty programs are a great way of showing you appreciate your customers and encouraging repeat business. OpenEdge Gift gives you a card-based loyalty program that can be integrated with single or multiple locations and comes with reporting features as well. 

Offline Processing

Worried about what happens if your network goes down? OpenEdge has got you covered by offering offline processing to help eliminate lost credit card sales due to network downtime. With offline processing, transactions are stored securely during an outage and then submitted when the network is available. Reporting options help reconcile transactions to ensure payments aren’t missed.

What about equipment?

OpenEdge doesn’t list all compatible equipment on their website. The company does boast support for IDTech Shuttle and MagTek Bullet mobile card swipers.

Any security benefits?

For extra security OpenEdge offers EdgeShield, a bundle of security services designed to protect businesses and cardholders. EdgeShield includes end to end encryption to render card data unusable to potential thieves, a token vault to store sensitive information away from the business’s card payment system, and PCI Assure, a process to simplify PCI compliance by offering online questionnaires and custom security profiles to help address possible issues. PCI Assure also includes data breach insurance for businesses to help with costs in the event of a breach.

OpenEdge Rates and Fees

OpenEdge doesn’t publish it rates and fees online, but you can request an OpenEdge quote through CardFellow and get fully disclosed pricing information. Our free service allows you to privately compare quotes of any processors you choose. Sign up here!

OpenEdge Reviews and Online Reputation

Unfortunately, not much information is available for OpenEdge reviews. The company has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2012 and currently has a profile with an A- rating. There are only 8 complaints closed in the last 3 years; that’s not a bad standing. Another factor in OpenEdge’s favor is that there are no complaints to be found on Ripoff Report, Yelp, or Google reviews. However, there is also nothing in the way of complimentary reviews or testimonials either.

Most of the complaints at the BBB are not visible but the ones that are allege needing refunds for charges that accrued after cancelling services. One of the complaints accuses the company of fraud and forging documents. In most instances the company did respond and issue refunds for the charges.

If you have worked with OpenEdge and can offer some words of wisdom about its service, leave us an OpenEdge review here!


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OpenEdge Web Reviews

Horrible Company

new   Posted By: Liz Nicklus on 01/22/18

My company (a non-profit) stopped using their service in the summer of 2017. I emailed and asked that our account be cancelled. I was told it was. Still kept getting money deducted from my account. Called again, told that the CSR gave me thew wrong info, but that my account was now cancelled. Still deducting from our account, called again in November, was told I needed additional paperwork to close our account. Paperwork submitted, received a confirmation email in November that the account was closed. Just received another bill from DECEMBER!


new   Posted By: Prim on 01/15/18

They charge fees without telling you about them. Save yourself the time, money and headaches and go with another company. I even have correspondence telling me what my fees are and they tell me, sorry it’s in your Contract. They need to be sued in a class-action lawsuit.

Acount manager

new   Posted By: Acount manager on 11/08/17

This is a very poor customer service company who charge a LOT more They are the worst credit card processor to deal with. It’s impossible to get anyone on the phone that knows what they are doing. You will always be on hold for a minimum of 30 minutes. And then the person that answers the phone won’t know how to answer your question. LOOK FOR OTHER OPTIONS EVEN YOUR OWN BANK WILL GIVE YOU BETTER RATES ! STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.

Terrible service and HIGH fees

new   Posted By: Vince on 11/06/17

Do not go with Open Edge. The fees they charge are very very high. They have a lot of petty fees like customer service fee, $10 per month. Statement fee $10 per month/etc. Then they have their annual PCI compliance fee which was $150. Fee after fee ended up resulting in us leaving. Save yourself a ton of misery and DO NOT go with Open Edge!!

Exceedingly high fees and high cancellation rate

new   Posted By: Colleen on 06/13/17

Open Edge will gouge you every month. I pay $100.00 a month in fees weather customers use the website or not. DO NOT GO WITH THIS COMPANY!!!! Then if you try to cancel they will tell you that you have to pay up until the end of your contract, so in my case it would be over @2K to cancel early. I regret the day I ever signed up with this HORRIBLE company.

Avoid them!!

new   Posted By: Danielle on 04/10/17

They are the worst credit card processor to deal with. It’s impossible to get anyone on the phone that knows what they are doing. You will always be on hold for a minimum of 30 minutes. And then the person that answers the phone won’t know how to answer your question. And if you need to change something on your account, it will take weeks to get it changed. We are currently looking for a new credit card processor.

ZERO Customer Service

new   Posted By: Ted Turtle on 03/22/17

Their (lack of) customer service is pathetic. HOURS of being on hold, then when you get someone on the line they sit in silence while they attempt to figure out how to fix THEIR problem. I only knew that the line had not been disconnected by saying “hello, hello?” and someone finally saying “what” back to me! I have never experienced a merchant processing co. as bad as O.E. Oh, and good luck if you dream of wanting to speak to a supervisor. I have been told all of the following: no one can talk to you, I have tried to make you happy, I don’t know what to tell you, Someone can call you back in 3-5 business days, and I have been hung up on (they claimed disconnected) twice. This has been beyond frustrating

Not happy

new   Posted By: Stephanie on 11/10/16

We signed up with OpenEdge earlier this year because they are compatible with our software. We canceled mid year due to some changes. Come to find out, the last 6 months they have been debiting our account and we are not even using their service anymore. We called and they said they do not have a record in writing. We filled out the forms and submitted and asked if we could be reimbursed for charges at least for the prior month or two since they got 6 months from us! They denied our request. Will never use this company again.

Horrible customer service

new   Posted By: Katie on 07/29/16

Do not use this company. They promise you a certain rate and then charge you a much higher one. When you call them to ask about it or try to cancel your account, they pass you around and around and no one can help you. I asked for a manager and left that person nine messages and they have not called me back yet. I’m trying so hard to cancel my account and be done with them but they don’t make it easy. I am currently on hold with them trying again and have been on hold for more than an hour…

very poor service

new   Posted By: owen nieberg on 05/10/16

Recently on-boarded with this processor as they work with my practice management software. Have had HORRIBLE customer service. They started by practically asking to own my children simply to get set up, then they deposited my money into someone else’s account. Then when I called for them to fix it, and called, and called– was on hold for over an hour and when I left messages to call me, after a week– no return phone calls. Absolutely the worst vendor, of any type, especially card processor, that I have ever experienced as a small business owner.

Horrible customer service

new   Posted By: Lois merritt on 03/24/16

I have used this service before it became Open Edge. I had a problem and was not able to reach anyone. Their automated service requests you to leave a call back number. It has been over a week without any contact from this company or even a way to get in touch with someone. The listed 800 number will not put customers in contact with anyone. I am looking for another processing company that will respond to a simple phone call. Find another company that cares.

A division of Global Payments

new   Posted By: CardFellow on 03/23/16

OpenEdge is a combination of Accelerated Payment Technologies and PayPros that is now a division of Global Payments. OpenEdge is Global’s approach to a developer-centric model. The company is relatively new, so we don’t have a lot of experience with their pricing and service.

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