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Pace Payment Systems has been a payment processor since 1999. It currently serves more than 8,000 business locations with over $1.8 billion in card transaction volume every year. Does Pace have what it takes to provide processing services for you? And what are people saying about being a client? In this Pace Payment Systems review and profile, we’ll help answer those questions and make sure you are on track for picking the right processor for your business.
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What services can Pace offer my business?

If you need to process payment cards or want an easier, safer way of accepting checks, Pace Payment Systems can help. This doesn’t just apply to traditional brick and mortar locations; if you have an online shop that you would like to take payments through or need a way of taking mobile payments while traveling from place to place, Pace has options for you too.


If you manage a traditional storefront location, you probably already know that card processing is a convenience most customers rely on. If you take payments using card processing equipment, Pace Payment Systems ensures PCI compliant devices for security. You can accept all major credit and debit cards, as well as newer contactless payments (like Apple Pay, Android Pay, and others) and EMV card payments, ensuring that customers can pay with whatever card method they like.


If your storefront is made out of programming and pixels, you will need a gateway that can connect your website to your paying customers. Pace Payment Systems offers a plug-in that can be easily integrated with your online shop, letting you keep your own process, form, and style of checkout. The app also allows you to customize fields that capture the data you need and securely accept payment information at the time of purchase. The Pace Payment Systems gateway is secure and features detailed reporting on transactions. The same gateway can be applied to your app, allowing you to offer the same online experience to your customers while Pace does the processing.


Perfect for businesses that are frequently “on the road”, Pace Mobile allows you to use your smartphone or mobile device to swipe cards or key-in transactions. Supported on android or iOS, the option for swiping a card is done by attaching a small, mobile card reader to your device. This easily transportable method of taking payments means you can accept cards no matter where a sale might find you.


Checks might seem old fashioned, but processing them electronically can benefit your business. By scanning paper checks with a check reader and converting them to a secure electronic transaction, you minimize bounced checks and the need to go to the bank. Pace Payment Systems uses check verification and guarantee to ensure valid transactions and funds are directly deposited into your business account.

Other Services Provided by Pace

Gift cards, loyalty programs, and business funding are also offered through Pace Payment Systems.

Gift Cards and Loyalty Programs

The battle of finding ways to expand the influence of your business, while retaining the customers you already have, might be made easier with the addition of gift cards and a loyalty program. Gift cards are great ways for customers to share your business with others. Loyalty programs can be customized to offer your customers different perks and rewards for repeated business.

Business Funding

If you need working capital to get your business going, Pace Payment Systems has options for you. Make sure you understand the pros and cons of merchant cash advances and small business loans though. While merchant cash advances can seem like a fair deal, crunching the numbers often proves otherwise.

Does Pace offer any equipment options?

Yup! Pace Payment Systems can provide EMV capable options for pretty much any need. Currently it offers a standard terminal, a terminal with a PIN pad, a wireless terminal and a check reader for those that need to buy equipment or are looking to upgrade.

It appears that Pace Payment Systems may offer credit card machine leases as well, but generally this is best avoided as you will end up paying much more for the product.

What about security?

Pace Payment Systems partners with ControlScan, a PCI-DSS Council-approved scanner, to assist businesses in achieving PCI compliance. Pace Payment Systems maintains a page of their website dedicated to PCI compliance FAQs.

Pace Payment Systems Rates, Fees, and Contract Terms

Pace Payment Systems does not publish rates or fees on its website. However, the available terms and conditions document indicates a tiered pricing model, due to the presence of qualified, mid-qualified, and non-qualified transactions. The terms and conditions document also indicates a 3 year contract and early termination fee. Additional fees associated with PCI compliance and various transactions also apply.

If want to find out how much working with Pace Payment Systems would cost your business, you can request a quote through CardFellow. Our free service will allow you to privately receive and compare fully disclosed pricing of Pace and any other processors you choose. Sign up here!

Pace Payment Systems Reviews and Online Reputation

For a company operating since 1999, the amount of angry people that have taken to the web to voice issues about Pace Payments Systems is small. That being said, those that have left reviews are very angry and there isn’t a single positive review to counter them.

By looking at Pace Payment Systems on the Better Business Bureau’s website, we learn that the company has an A+ rating and only 5 complaints closed in the last 3 years. The reviews confirm that the contract is typically 3 years. Pace itself reports a refund for an early termination fee that was $399.99. Another reviewer with multiple accounts alleged that Pace wanted $199.99 for each account. Other complaints at the BBB report held funds, haphazard reporting and billing, being lied to about terms of the contract, and bad customer service.

Ripoff Report lists 2 complaints for Pace Payment Systems. Reviews complain that Pace Payment Systems is unethical, charges termination fees even after telling customers there is no early termination fee, and is inconsistent with processing and depositing funds.

Lastly, a 1 star review on Yelp (the lowest rating possible) complains that the EMV card readers she purchased through Pace did not work. Attempting to contact customer service continually resulted in the advice that she simply needed to wait longer for the cards to process. Frustrated after two months of the same advice failing, the reviewer reached out to customer service again and was admonished for waiting so long to report the issue then told Pace would not issue a refund or replacement for the $700 of equipment.

Pace Payment Systems currently has no testimonials on its website that could refute these claims, however it is difficult to make a judgment on the company with a sample size this small. If you have worked with Pace and can offer us some insight, we want to hear from you.

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