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Paycron Review

On its website, Paycron calls itself a leader in payment processing, though the company’s introduction video refers to connecting you with the right payment processor. It appears that Paycron acts as an agent, connecting you to a payment processing company. In any event, Paycron claims it offers processing services for businesses of any size, and can support businesses in “high risk” industries that are not always able to get processing through other companies. Paycron also offers offshore processing. The company, located in Florida, is not currently a registered ISO (reseller).

Let’s take a look at services, costs, and other details in this Paycron review.

About Paycron

Paycron is located in Florida, and offers this introduction video about its services:

Credit Card Processing

Paycron’s website refers most frequently to credit card processing for ecommerce businesses, but the company also offers services to traditional brick-and-mortar businesses as well as smartphone/mobile payments, and virtual terminal (phone and mail order) payments.

Online Processing

While Paycron references comprehensive ecommerce services, it doesn’t provide any details on gateways, hosted payment pages, or shopping cart compatibility. We’ve reached out to the company for more details. Paycron does state that it provides the ability to take payments in multiple currencies, perfect for businesses with a global client base.

In Person Processing

Paycron states that it offers simple countertop credit card machines or full-fledged point of sale systems with advanced functionality. However, it doesn’t specify brands or models, nor does it include details on whether you’ll purchase equipment outright or be subjected to a lease. We’ve reached out to Paycron for more details and will update this profile as applicable.

Mobile Payments

These days, most processing companies offer a solution for accepting cards through your smartphone or tablet so you can take payments when you’re on the go. Paycron offers this service as well, though the company doesn’t provide details on the app used or any compatible card readers for swiping. We’ve contacted Paycron for more details. Paycron states that you can accept payments anywhere that you have mobile coverage.

Virtual Terminal (Phone and Mail Order)

Taking orders by mail or over the phone? A virtual terminal lets you securely key the card details into a web portal on your computer to process the payment. Some virtual terminals can also allow you to attach a card reader through the USB port or with Bluetooth so you can swipe cards if your customers physically come in to your business to pay and you prefer to take the payment through your computer instead of a countertop terminal.

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Paycron Rates and Fees

Unfortunately, Paycron offers absolutely no information on its website about rates and fees, pricing models, contract terms, early termination fees, equipment leases, or anything else regarding costs for its services.

Paycron Reviews

Paycron doesn’t have a lot of independent reviews available online, does not have a Better Business Bureau profile, and doesn’t publish customer testimonials on its website at this time.  

The company does have a public Facebook page with 6 reviews totaling 4.3 stars out of 5. Most of the reviews are 5 stars, with a single 1-star review. The 5-star reviews praise Paycron for great service, low rates and fees, and integrity. The lone negative review complaints that a telemarketer from Paycron called even though the reviewer’s number is on the Do Not Call list. Paycron responded to the negative review apologizing for the mistake.

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Paycron has not received any verified reviews.

Web Reviews

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Paycron Web Reviews

Excellent Service

new   Posted By: Suzie Holm on 11/28/17

Thank you, Brian Szymanski for the excellent service you provided. Looking forward to continue doing great business with you.

very little info

new   Posted By: CardFellow on 05/04/17

Paycron provides very little info about their services and no info at all about pricing or equipment. Hard to get a feel for what you can expect.

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