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Payroc Review

Payroc LLC is a payment processing company that promises “anytime, anywhere payment solutions.”  Through its acquisition of iTransact in September 2016, Payroc gained mobile point-of-sale technology, a proprietary ecommerce payment gateway, expanding its services. Payroc recently announced enhancements to its  iTransact payment gateway to offer greater payment security, connectivity, flexibility, simplicity and visibility.

Headquartered in Chicagoland, Payroc is an ISO of Fifth Third Bank and Wells Fargo Bank. Founded in 2003, today Payroc  services  thousands of merchants  across North America, providing stability in payments by securely processing nearly $4 billion in annual charge volume.


Payroc is committed to making sure each client receives the right payment processing solution, while offering advice, pricing clarity, and customer service. Through its Payroc Payment Professional program, each business receives a “Trusted Advisor” who guides the client through the complexities of the payment process in doing business today.

Payroc offers this introduction video:

Payroc Payment Features

Many businesses sell more than one way and need the flexibility to accept payments in all environments, with options to let customers pay anytime and anywhere. Payroc’s omni-payment solutions provide one account for all transaction activity. Additional customization and control is available if needed, as well as  inventory access through Product Manager.

You’ll be able to accept all major credit and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. Payroc offers OptBlue pricing on American Express, which can be a more cost-effective option than traditional Amex acceptance.

Available payment channels include:

  • Ecommerce with QuickClick shopping carts
  • Mail and Phone Payments
  • Brick and Mortar Terminals

As necessary, you can also add on mobile payments, electronic check processing, electronic invoicing, and a card vault to securely store customers’ card details for future payments.  

Aside from omni-channel payments, Payroc specializes in delivering its standalone payment solution to businesses that require only one type of payment solution.


Payroc offers equipment for all types of transaction acceptance, including in-person (with traditional terminals, mobile readers, and full POS systems) or online.

In-Person Payments (Terminal)

The most common method of payment used in retail, restaurants, and service industries, Payroc’s standalone terminal offers the ability to accept EMV chip cards and NFC tap-and-go payments like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

You’ll have a choice of traditional countertop terminals from major manufacturer Ingenico, or “pay at the table” mobility from tablets and portable terminals.

Online Payments

Businesses that strictly sell online can use Payroc’s gateway or a compatible service like Authorize.Net, USAePay, or NPC Secure. The right gateway for you will depend on your needs. Keep in mind that connecting gateways may incur additional fees.

Mobile Payments

For taking payments in a variety of locations, Payroc uses the Ingenico Mobile Solutions ROAM mcommerce solution, which is compatible with mobile readers like the Ingenico RP350x EMV smartphone reader.

POS Payments

If you need a more robust option, Payroc offers full-fledged POS systems capable of taking payments, managing inventory, and more. Payroc doesn’t provide information on its website about which POS systems it’s compatible with, but we’ve reached out to the company for more information and will update this Payroc review as additional details become available.

Check Processing Solutions

Some customers still prefer checks, and Payroc provides safe, reliable and affordable electronic check processing solutions. You’ll get point-of-sale acceptance of funds deposited electronically into your bank account with guaranteed funding. You can even take checks online using the Checks by Web option.

 You can also take advantage of ACH debit, enabling you to set up authorized debits from your customer’s checking account.

Payroc Rates and Fees

Payroc doesn’t publish rates and fees, though it does include charts of rate estimates. It’s important to note that charts are typically not an effective way to get an idea of the actual costs your business will pay.

To see true costs for your specific business, try this free quote comparison tool.

Interchange Management

Payroc claims to specialize in Interchange Management, which it defines as ensuring that you receive proper credit on customer returns, and avoid interchange downgrades. Businesses can avoid these expensive pitfalls by taking advantage of interchange management services.

Read more about downgrades at interchange.

Online Reporting

Payroc’s easy-to-navigate web reporting tool allows for access and downloading of all transaction details, deposits, chargebacks, monthly statements, PCI Compliance and more. In addition, businesses with different locations can join accounts with one ID to easily view reports from multiple locations at once.

Payroc Reviews

Payroc does not provide customer testimonials on its website. The company does have a Better Business Bureau profile, where it has an A+ rating and 22 positive customer reviews. There are no negative reviews and 1 formal complaint, but details of the complaint are not available on the BBB’s website.

The positive reviews state that the company is polite and professional, with a smooth process for switching from other merchant services providers. Some reviewers mention helpful customer service staff and fast funding, while others praise the reporting panel.


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Payroc has not received any verified reviews.

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Payroc Web Reviews


new   Posted By: Frank on 01/26/18

Service and Rates were as advertised

multiple payment channels

new   Posted By: CardFellow on 07/21/17

Payroc can get businesses set up to take payments online, in person, or a mix of both with several equipment options.

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