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  • Business age 1-5 Years
  • Number of Employees501+
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  • Acquiring Bank(s)Merrick Bank, BMO Harris Bank, Wells Fargo
  • Processor(s)TSYS, Global Payments
  • Company Structure(s)Independent Sales Organization (ISO)

Pivotal Payments
770 Boylston Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02199

Main: 617-821-3729
Sales: 877-462-7486
Support: 866-883-1494
Fax: 866-364-9822

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Pivotal Payments

Pivotal Payments is a credit card processing company located in New York that serves businesses throughout the US and Canada. Working primarily with small and medium-sized businesses, Pivotal Payments also helps companies accept international customer payments. Currently, the company serves over 70,000 clients and processes more than $12 billion in transactions every year. In this Pivotal Payments review and profile, we take an objective look at the services the company provides and what its reputation suggests about becoming a client.

What services can Pivotal Payments offer my business?

If you need a method for processing card payments, Pivotal Payments can get the job done. Beyond standard store-front processing, the company also has options for internet and mobile processing as well as offers for gift cards, loyalty programs, and cash advances.

Pivotal Payments does not offer any information regarding check processing or e-check services.

Card Processing
No matter what business you are in, accepting credit and debit cards helps make you more accessible to your customers. With Pivotal Payments you can accept all major credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners' Club, Discover, JCB, and corporate cards. Pivotal Payments can work with you if you need to accept fleet cards as well.

Internet Processing
If you do business in cyberspace, Pivotal Payments claims it can get your website business-ready, secured, and integrated with a shopping cart. The company does not say what payment gateways it offers, or if it has a virtual terminal. It does, however, have the ability to accept payments in over 60 currencies allowing your business to expand its reach internationally. 

Mobile Processing
Be prepared for a sale whenever and wherever you go with mobile processing. PivotalMOBILE allows you to take payments with your smartphone or mobile device, all you need is a plug-in card reader. Certain features are changeable depending on your needs, such as the ability to add tips, or to edit tax rates. PivotalMOBILE is PCI compliant and uses encryption for extra security. Credit card information is stored in Pivotal Payments' secured servers. Online reporting lets you track transactions and view your account information at any time.

Gift Cards and Loyalty Program
Pocket sized billboards; put your brand logo on your gift and loyalty cards and have mini ads with added benefits. Gift cards can be loaded and reloaded at your point of sale, making them a great option for customers that want to share your business with others. Loyalty cards allow your customers to earn points and rewards for purchases, creating repeat business and customer satisfaction. Both options are available through Pivotal Payments.

Cash Advances
If you need working capital fast, cash advances can be a tempting offer and Pivotal Payments can assist you with up to $300,000. Look before you leap though, cash advances can end up being very costly and there might be better options. 

How can Pivotal Payments help with my international customers?

Whether you are worldly in the ways of business without borders or looking to expand internationally, Pivotal Payments offers multi-currency pricing and dynamic currency conversion as ways of catering to international customers.

Multi-currency pricing allows you to selling in foreign currencies but receive payment in US dollars. This helps make your store more inviting to people, as it gives them a local feeling while shopping.

If you run a business that accepts a lot of international cards, dynamic currency conversion can reduce the processing cost. With dynamic currency conversion your customers have the option of paying in their currency or in US dollars.

Does Pivotal Payment offer equipment?

Pivotal Payments offers a range of processing equipment, all of which are EMV ready. Popular brands like  and  are current options. Features vary according to the terminal but include integrated PIN pads, built in printers, wireless connectivity, LCD screens, and contactless card options.

PivotalMOBILE is also offered as an option for people who want to take payments with their smartphone or mobile device. The tiny card reader attaches to the audio port of your device, allowing you to both accept payments and give refunds.

Pivotal Payments Rates and Fees

Pricing fluctuates from business to business depending on needs. If you want to find out how much you would pay for Pivotal Payments services, request a quote through CardFellow. Our free service allows you to compare fully disclosed pricing of any processors you choose. Sign up here!

Pivotal Payments Reviews and Online Reputation

Oh my! An alert with the Better Business Bureau stating that they will be monitoring complaints, 58 complaints on Ripoff Report (each one buried under the same apologetic company statement), and a combined total of 10 reviews on Google and Yelp that each give the company 1 star (the lowest it can go); it appears that Pivotal Payments has been up to no good.

In spite of the red alert on the company’s profile with the BBB, Pivotal Payments is accredited and has an A+ rating. So, why the alert? Sifting through the 74 complaints closed within the last 3 years on Pivotal Payments profile, there is a pretty clear pattern. It seems that dishonest sales practices lead to people paying higher rates and more fees than anticipated. This leads to people wanting to cancel. When trying to cancel they realize customer service gives them a run around, they are liable for a cancellation fee (reported to be between $395 and $600), and fees being charge even after the account is terminated. The complaints vary from person to person, but this is generally what you will find. Other complaints include held funds and terrible customer service when trying to get problems resolved.

The 58 complaints on Ripoff Report reiterate the deceptive sales tactics and bad customer service issues. Reviewers add problems with international service, expensive equipment, and pricing being raised after account was started. More stories of being scammed and cautions to “beware” surface when reading through the Yelp and Google reviews. 

The positive customer testimonials are far outnumbered by the quantity of complaints, but Pivotal Payments does have a small selection of testimonials on its website.  Reviewers praise the company's quick problem solving and friendliness, as well as good rates and services. This could not contradict the online reviews found elsewhere more.

If you have an experience with Pivotal Payments that can shed some light on the company, we would love to hear it! Please leave a Pivotal Payments review here!


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Pivotal Payments Web Reviews

A company that is best avoided

new   Posted By: CardFellow on 03/04/16

We’ve seen Pivotal Payments use many of the worst tricks in the book. Aside from its opaque, excessive pricing, Pivotal has been well known to CardFellow for leverage liquidated damage clauses in its contracts. Our founder and president personally spoke with a Pivotal VP of sales on the topic, and the VP was dismissive and arrogant. The apparent lack of ethics on behalf of its management indicates a culture that does not hold the interests of its clients in high regard. The only reason this review isn’t one star is because Pivotal has shown signs that it’s attempting to turn the corner and take a more ethical approach, but this remains to be seen.

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