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Formerly Alpha Card Services

Simpay offers services to businesses in a number of industires, including restaurants, retailers, healthcare, and services such as salons and auto repair.

Simpay Services

Simpay offers two primary services: payment processing, and payroll. You can utilize Simpay for one or both, with the company suggesting that you may be eligible for discounted pricing when you bundle services together. Additionally, Simpay offers data breach insurance to its customers.

Payment Processing

The primary service Simpay offers is payment processing. You can take major credit and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express, as well as checks and gift cards. You’ll be able to take payments in multiple forms, including traditional magnetic strip cards, EMV chip cards, and contactless payments such as Apple Pay.

Simpay offers the ability to take cards in-person with traditional POS systems, online, or on the go using your smartphone or tablet, and states that most clients enjoy next-day funding of their transactions.

Simpay doesn’t offer any details on its website about equipment brands or models available nor whether equipment is purchased or leased. The company also skimps on details about ecommerce options, not listing supported gateways or shopping carts. We’ve reached out to Simpay for more information and will update this section when we know more.


If you’re looking to outsource payroll, Simpay can help. As a registered member of the American Payroll Association and the Independent Payroll Processors Association, the company promises to work with you to ensure that your staff is paid accurately and that you receive labor and payroll reports so you know what’s going on. You can establish deductions, paid time accruals, and direct deposit as well as accurately account for federal and state taxes.

Simpay also offers online 401(k) management, timeclock systems, and an HR support center.


As mentioned previously, Simpay doesn’t provide details about brands or models for equipment. The only thing referenced on its website is the Simpay tailored POS solution with a “full suite of hardware choices” allowing you to choose between tablet systems, cloud-based systems, or stand-alone machines.

The website also mentions reports that help identify top sellers and underperforming items, manage inventory, and the ability to track staff time.

We’ve reached out to Simpay for clarification on supported hardware brands and will update this section as more information becomes available.

Rates and Fees

Simpay doesn’t publish any information about pricing models or costs on its website, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find out what it will cost you. You can get a free quote to compare to other processors by using CardFellow’s quote comparison tool. There’s no sales pressure and no obligation. Try it now!

Simpay Reviews

At the time of this writing, there aren’t many Simpay reviews to speak of. The company has a Better Business Bureau profile, though the complaints refer to Alpha Card Services and not to issues with the company under the new Simpay name. Simpay also has an official facebook page, but there are no reviews available.

Better Business Bureau

On the BBB’s website, Simpay has an A+ rating despite 8 formal complaints. The complaints allege that Simpay (as Alpha Card Services) tricked unauthorized employees into signing contracts for new equipment, charged a renewal fee even after acknowledging a customer’s cancellation request, and added fees. Some reviewers complain of difficulty with equipment and unreliable staff.

With very little information from current or former clients, we’d love to hear from anyone who has used Simpay. Leave a review!


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Simpay has not received any verified reviews.

Web Reviews

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Simpay has not received any Web reviews

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