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Zeno Payments
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Zeno Payments Review

Zeno Payments is a credit card processing and IT company that specializes in offering services to collections agencies and other debt recovery businesses, but can serve any “high risk” online business. If you operate in a “high-risk” industry and are looking for credit card processing, read on for details about Zeno’s services, pricing, and more.


Seeking to be a “one-stop shop” for collections agencies, Zeno Payments offers website design and hosting along with integrated payment processing. However, just because the company specializes in services for debt collection doesn’t mean that those are the only businesses supported.

Zeno Payments

Zeno is PCI compliant and offers merchant accounts to almost any type of “high risk” business that accepts payments online. Even businesses that have been turned down by other processors may be able to secure credit card processing through Zeno.

Read more about high risk merchant accounts.

Due to the nature of high risk industries, Zeno requires specific paperwork at the time of your application, including articles of incorporation, financial statements or tax returns, an EIN letter from the IRS, and a copy of your valid driver’s license.

The company states that it’s usually able to approve applications, though some approvals may require reserves.

Payment Processing

With Zeno, you’ll be able to accept credit and debit cards or ACH payments through an online portal. For cards, you can accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, JCB, and Diners’ Club. With ACH, you can choose to enable recurring billing to help make payment plans convenient.

The basic online portal is the standard offering for any high-risk merchant account, and allows for one-time payments in any amount. If you’d prefer a customizable portal, you can upgrade to the real-time payments portal, which offers advanced features like balance display to show your clients how much they owe on their account, options to set up payment plans, and the ability to post payments to your collections software. Zeno integrates with many outside applications and databases, including Debt Master, DebtNet, Access, SQL and MySQL, and other custom databases.

All payment processing options include transaction reporting so you can keep an eye on what payments have been made and when.


As an online payments provider, Zeno doesn’t offer in-person credit card equipment and only works with gateways to enable payments through the internet. The company integrates with several popular gateways, including USAePay, NMI, Authorize.NET, and eProcessing Network.

Rates and Fees

High risk businesses should expect to pay higher rates and fees than businesses in lower risk industries. Zeno doesn’t publish information about pricing, not even listing starting rates. The company will customize pricing depending on a number of variables specific to your business, including the industry, your creditworthiness, business history, and more.

Zeno Payments Reviews

Unfortunately, reviews from current or former clients are non-existent online, likely due to the niche nature of Zeno’s primary services. The company doesn't include customer testimonials on its website, either. If you’re a collections agency or other high-risk business that has used Zeno, let us know what you think. Leave you own Zeno Payments review!


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Zeno Payments has not received any verified reviews.

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Zeno Payments Web Reviews

serves a niche market

new   Posted By: CardFellow on 09/29/17

Zeno offers high risk payment processing with a particular focus on collections agencies and debt recovery businesses.

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