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We ask you to give some basic info on your processing methods & volumes, and we supply instant quotes from hand selected processors.

"Your contact information is kept private until you choose a processor, so you won’t get bombarded with annoying sales calls."
Ben Dwyer, CardFellow founder


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CardFellow stacks the deck in your favor to ensure certified quotes are competitive and consistent so you can make an informed choice.

  • You get the most competitive quotes
  • Forget about intrusive sales calls & mails
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The rates you see from certified processors are locked in for life so you'll start saving as soon as you choose a quote.

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Free processing analysis

Cut through the sales nonsense! We'll present you with an analysis comparing your current processing to the quotes you receive through CardFellow.

Compare pricing from any processor

Use your CardFellow account to invite a quote from any processor to compare its pricing in an apples-to-apples format.

Fine tune cost estimates

Change the sales amount, acceptance method, card type distribution, and more to fine tune cost estimates for your quotes.

See where the money goes

It's not about rates! Our software shows you a processor's cost and its profit so you know exactly where the money goes.

View sample statements

No surprises! Each quote includes a sample statement that shows you how your charges will be outlined.

Learn as you go

The more you know, the better we look! Skip the sales pressure and learn how processing fees really work as you're reviewing offers.

Do you still have doubts? No problem, we have it covered.

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