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The Clover Flex is a portable credit card machine that joins the existing Clover family, which consists of the Clover Station/POS system, Clover Mini, Clover Mobile, and Clover Go. It’s offered by processors using the First Data platform.

At the time of this writing, it does not appear that First Data has any plans to discontinue the Clover Mobile, which seems to perform the same functions as the Flex and is likewise portable. However, the Flex is a little smaller, with a 5” screen and weighing in at just one pound.

In this Clover Flex review, we’ll go over the features and specifications, costs, and differences between the Flex and other Clover devices.

Clover Flex Features

The Clover Flex is somewhere between a countertop credit card terminal and a POS system. The core function is payment acceptance, allowing you to take credit and debit cards or contactless payments. You can use the terminal at a fixed location, carry it with you for line-busting, or bring it to a dining table for a tableside payment. The touchscreen display lets customers sign for purchases right on the device.

In addition to payments, the Flex offers inventory management, barcode scanning with built-in scanner, and receipt printing with the built-in printer. First Data offers this video introducing the Flex:

The Flex integrates with other Clover devices, so you can use it in conjunction with a stationary system if you’d like.

Clover Flex vs. Clover Mobile vs. Clover Mini

It’s true that the Clover family includes three different small credit card terminals (in addition to the smartphone/tablet reader and the full Clover Station POS system) so it may seem a little confusing trying to choose the right one. The Clover Mini is the largest and heaviest of the three small systems, as is not intended to be portable. The Mini is designed as a smaller footprint POS system and can be wall-mounted.

The Clover Mobile is closest to the Flex, as it’s designed for portability and includes many of the same features. The primary difference between the Flex and the Mobile is the built-in printer offered with the Flex. While the Mobile can connect to the Bluetooth-capable Clover printer, it’s not included and not built in to the Mobile device. Another difference is the access to the App market. Not all apps can be added to the Clover Flex.

All three models can accept traditional magnetic stripe cards, EMV chip cards, and contactless (NFC) technologies like Apple Pay. Additionally, all three can be customized with apps available through the Clover App Market.

This chart shows how the three models compare:

Clover Flex Mini Mobilee

The full Clover Station offers store and forward, and the Mini, Mobile, and Flex are able to accept transactions when offline if you’ve enabled offline transactions. The Flex does not have the ability to connect to a kitchen printer, so if that’s important to you, you’ll want to consider another model.

Clover Flex Costs

Costs to purchase the Clover Flex vary depending on where you buy it, but the machine starts around $400. That is just the purchase price – you will also pay a processing fee for each transaction you accept. Processing fees are set by the credit card processing company that you work with for your business.

Additionally, Clover devices are required to use First Data’s TransArmor security suite, which typically adds a monthly fee of $19.95. You may also need to purchase a software plan. Software plans start at $9/month. Details of what’s included in the plans can be found in the screenschot below.

Clover plans screenshot

You can get a free quote for your cost to purchase and use the Clover Flex here at CardFellow. Get started.

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Product Features
Status Proprietary
Product Category Credit Card Machines
Features Wifi, Contactless, EMV/ Smartcard, Built in Contactless Reader, NFC Capable, Internal PIN Pad

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Review posted: 01/09/18 new
Name: Jim
Title: Less than garbage


Sent initial machine with wrong password for set up. Couldn’t be fixed over the phone so I had to pay to ship it back. Received new machine and set up was pretty easy. Processed 4 transactions and the machine flat out died! Waiting until morning to call support staff which I know from previous experience is a long, drawn out ordeal. So disappointed in Clover. Avoid!!

Review posted: 01/01/18 new
Name: Mike
Title: Garbage


Processes payments offline even though I pay for a cell network. So if someone gets declined I won’t know til 4am the next day. My ATT service I pay for hardly ever stays connected. It takes 6:30 to turn on after it randomly turns itself on multiple times throughout the work day. Sometimes freezes on the ‘processing’ screen causing 6:30 reboot while customers wait. Receipts print 50% of the time it fails and has to be opened and repositioned. It’s 2018 and their App Store has no messaging apps. The scheduling apps are archaic.

All in all, this device will embarrass you in front of your customers every day.

Review posted: 07/13/17 new
Name: CardFellow
Title: Small and portable machine


The Clover Flex is somewhere between a countertop terminal and a POS system, offering portability and features in a small package.