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The Ingenico iWL255 is a wireless credit card terminal that can process virtually any payment types, including magnetic stripe credit and debit cards, EMV chip and PIN, mobile NFC payments, and contactless options such as MasterCard PayPass and Visa payWave. Long life lithium-ion batteries give merchants up to 650 transactions on a single battery charge, ensuring the ability to process payments on the go.

The iWL255 runs on the Telium 2 operating system, and functions wirelessly on AT&T’s 3G wireless network. Designed to be used in a variety of environments, the terminal features anti-shock and water resistant construction to help ensure full functionality no matter the location or elements.

The Ingenico iWL255 can also be personalized with your business information in several locations, including the printer cover, adding a personal touch and seamless branding to match your business.

The iWL255 terminal has been designed with security in mind. The terminal meets PCI PTS V3.0 security standards in the United States, and features support for several international security algorithms, including DES, TDES, RSA, and more. The Ingenico iWL255 is also EMV level 1 and 2 approved.

The Ingenico iWL255 provides several features for convenience, such as a large color LCD screen, wireless connection options, and a built-in printer. The terminal also offers store and forward, a feature that allows merchants to accept transactions even when a connection is not available. The terminal will accept the payment information, save it in the internal memory, and forward it for processing when a connection is available, ensuring that merchants never miss a sale due to a faulty connection.

Connectivity and Communication
To make connections easy, the Ingenico iWL255 can connect wirelessly with Bluetooth, GPRS, 3G or using a serial port or USB cable.

The iWL255 offers a full color 320 x 240 pixel screen with 4096 colors. The bright 2.81” LCD screen offers easy reading.

The Ingenico iWL255 features 15 backlit operational keys and 7 navigation keys. The ergonomic design and large keys make entering numbers comfortable and easy.

The iWL255 is designed for mobile use and was designed in a small, convenient size for portability. The terminal is 6.5”L x 3” W x 2.12” D and weighs 10.5 ounces.

The iWL255 offers 32MB RAM and 128MB flash memory. The internal memory can be used for the store and forward feature, allowing transactions to be saved for processing when a connection is available.


The iWL255 includes a built-in receipt printer that features printing at 30 lines per second for quick service. The printer cover can be personalized with your business information.

The Ingenico iWL255 includes a base charger to recharge the terminal’s lithium ion batteries. The terminal can process virtually all payment types without any other peripheral equipment.

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Product Features
Status Universal
Product Category Credit Card Machines
Features Dial-Up, Dual/Comm, Wireless, Wifi, Contactless, EMV/ Smartcard, Built in Contactless Reader, NFC Capable, Internal PIN Pad, Store & Forward, Multiple merchant support, Multi application support

Ingenico iWL255 Q&A

How do I connect it to wifi?
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from TSYS Merchant Solutions

Please contact your merchant service provider to set up the connection.


TSYS Team 

What does authorization only mean?
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from TSYS Merchant Solutions

The authorization means that the card is validating the funds are available & may hold the funds for 7 days. 


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Can I connect iWL255 to my cell phone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and make a transaction?
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from TSYS Merchant Solutions

Yes, both options.


TSYS Team,

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Yes, this machine supports Bluetooth and wifi connections.

Does the iWL255 connect to WiFi?
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Review posted: 01/21/17 new
Name: CardFellow
Title: handy that it's wireless!


A wireless terminal that accepts all newer payment types, like EMV chip cards? This Ingenico has you covered!