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The Poynt credit card processing machine is getting some attention for its interesting design and claims of being “future proof.” The Android-based terminal has dual screens within a single device – one screen faces the cashier, and the other screen faces the customer. The idea is that you won’t need to hand over a terminal or swivel around the screen for customers to sign or add a tip, and both people using the machine have some privacy. It looks nice, and can add convenience to your checkout process, but what about the other details, like features and pricing? This Poynt review and profile has the info you need if you’re considering the Poynt terminal.

What does “future proof” mean as far as the Poynt system?

Poynt talks on its website about how payment technologies change rapidly, meaning customers frequently access new ways of paying. The US is in the midst of a shift to EMV chip cards, Apple Pay and other NFC/digital wallet payment options are here, and who knows what other technologies will come up in the future.

The Poynt system claims to minimize the need to switch terminals every time new technology comes on the scene by offering ways to take all existing payment forms and providing open development channels and the ability to add apps for different functions.

While making a definitive claim that you would never need a new terminal would be a stretch, Poynt currently accepts all forms of payment, including the newer EMV and NFC (contactless) technologies, as well as QR code and barcode scanning. QR code scanning will allow the Poynt system to accept Chase Pay, a digital wallet that doesn’t utilize tap-to-pay/NFC technology. Between accepting EMV, contactless payments, and QR codes, it’s fairly likely that the Poynt terminal will be able to handle any new type of payment for awhile.

Is Poynt a point of sale system?

Not exactly. While it doesn’t look like the typical credit card machines that have PIN pads and small screens, the Poynt system is still a credit card machine, not a full-fledged POS system. It’s closer to a cash register replacement. Poynt does plan to offer additional POS system functions in the future, at which point the machine may become more of a point of sale system. Check out the video below to see Poynt in action.



As mentioned above, Poynt is not a POS system, so if you need the wide range of features offered by a full point of sale solution, you’ll want to look elsewhere. (Check our POS system directory for other options.) However, if you’re looking for a cash register replacement with features like portability, store and forward capabilities, and basic reporting, Poynt is worth a look.

The Poynt machine is portable, so you can move around with it for any number of reasons. Maybe you want to offer curbside pickup at your restaurant – your staff can carry the Poynt terminal outside to take payment. Hitting a fair to sell your goods? Bring your Poynt machine.

Store and Forward
Poynt offers an offline processing mode (also known as ”store and forward”) if a connection is not available. You can still accept payments in the offline mode to process at a later time, so you won’t miss sales just because of connection problems.

The reporting app, Poynt HQ, offers information on transactions and trends as well as customer information. You can search sales data and export it for further analysis and business management. The reporting app offers information using smartphones or computers.

Credit Card Processing with Poynt

Poynt is not proprietary and can work with many existing processors. That’s good news if you’re trying to keep credit card processing costs down, as you have more opportunity to find the most competitive solution.

Poynt is compatible with major processors including Chase Paymentech, Vantiv, First Data, Elavon, TSYS, Global Payments, and more. Note that this doesn’t mean you need a direct account with those companies; there are many smaller processing companies (ISOs) that can support the Poynt machine. Get credit card processing quotes.


Poynt is fully PCI compliant, utilizes end-to-end encryption, and meets EMV requirements. Additionally, Poynt comes with 24 hour fraud and tamper detection to help ensure maximum safety and security.


Poynt has a variety of features for customer and merchant convenience, and anticipates adding more features in the future.

Connectivity and Communication
The Poynt terminal connects to Wifi and 3G networks, and includes Bluetooth connectivity. Currently, Ethernet connectivity is not available, though a dock with Ethernet capability is in the works. A micro USB port allows connection for recharging the battery.

The cashier-facing screen is an 800 x 1280 pixel 7” touchscreen tablet display and includes a cashier-facing camera. The customer-facing screen is an 800 x 480 pixel 4.3” touchscreen display with an NFC antenna surrounding the touchscreen for easy contactless payments.

The Poynt terminal features a touchscreen display with an on-screen keypad. Optional external PIN pads may be supported if you prefer the feel of physical keys.

A built-in thermal printer is under the customer-facing screen, with the receipt slot facing the customer for quick access. Poynt recommends 2-1/4” x 16” printer rolls.


Poynt supports optional accessories if you need more from your machine. You can add cash registers, produce scales, check readers, and more.  


Poynt itself doesn’t charge per transaction fees. Your costs to use Poynt will be the purchase of the machine itself, and the credit card processing charges from the processor you choose.

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Product Features
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Product Category Credit Card Machines
Features Wireless, Wifi, Contactless, EMV/ Smartcard, Built in Contactless Reader, NFC Capable, Internal PIN Pad, Store & Forward, Multiple merchant support, Multi application support

Poynt Q&A

How do I turn on offline processing mode on the Poynt terminal?
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from TSYS Merchant Solutions

This is not a device that we internally support. Please refer to the reseller of this device for specific questions on functionality. 


Will the Poynt terminal work offline with no connectivity available?
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Votes:1 +
from TSYS Merchant Solutions



Is there a stylus that works on this machine?
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from TSYS Merchant Solutions

It's actually recommended that you don't use a stylus. 


TSYS Team 

How do you add a name to a saved order?
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from TSYS Merchant Solutions

Please refer to Poynt's website and customer support for these questions.


Can you adjust tips? Print tip line on receipt, and adjust at end of business day?
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from TSYS Merchant Solutions




How do you add tips to a transaction?
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from TSYS Merchant Solutions

To enable tip through Poynt the merchant will want to log onto their Poynt HQ ( and go to the “Business” tab. There will be a button on the bottom left that says “Manage Store”. Click that button and then go to the “Payment Settings” tab where there should be a toggle switch to enable/disable tip. Screenshots below. If you are still having trouble then whoever set up your account should be able to change it for you. 



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Review posted: 02/01/18 new
Name: Kevin C
Title: $1500 down the tubes


What a steaming pile. You would think it would at least do the same job as a traditional machine but better? Nope. It has tons of bells and whistles but can’t do very basic tasks. I got mine today and spent four hours back and forth on the phone conference calling with tech support and my elavon salesman and I still can’t use it for my very basic needs.

Run don’t walk away from this product.

Review posted: 01/22/18 new
Name: Joel
Title: No problems


I have a mobile business. I have had the system, which I bought thru Costco, for 4 months.

I have had zero problems, it processes credit cards in seconds thru a mobile hotspot.

My only small complaint is that the catalog buttons in the register get jumbled sometimes, we enter everything by size and color and the buttons sometimes get out of order and I have to log back in and organize them.

Review posted: 01/15/18 new
Name: Shelonda
Title: Best User Experience


My local Thai place has this device and I was pleasantly surprised at how small and sleek the device was, but more importantly– how fast! Working for a processor, I notice these things especially.

Review posted: 12/06/17 new
Name: Tyler Johnson
Title: Terrible


The product had potential, it looked beautiful, but as soon as it arrived in the office it wouldn’t print receipts. Lots of bugs in the software. I have had to do 5 hard restarts on the phone with product support today, and it’s only the first day. I have a lot of buyers remorse. I have spent hours on hold, we have tried every troubleshooting attempt, but Poynt has decided that even though the terminal is not working the problem is mine. They will not replace this unit. They say everything looks good on their side so the broken terminal is my issue. I bought it today from them!!!!! It wont print receipts or process credit cards consistently and Poynt says too bad. DO NOT BUY!!!! BAD COMPANY

Review posted: 11/20/17 new
Name: Susan
Title: Disappointment


There are already problems with my terminal, as I have only had it for less than a month. When I called customer service, not only were they no help, they also gave a phone number, that when I tried calling, no one answer. It was my biggest mistake to spend so much money on this useless device. If you are considering to get this, I would definitely not recommend this company.

Review posted: 11/20/17 new
Name: Madison
Title: The Worst Company to Use.


I started using the brand about a month ago and all of a sudden it wouldn’t accept my customers’ cards saying it’s invalid or it’s declined. I called the company, waited two hours to actually get some help, which didn’t even help me. They did not know what was going on with the machine. So they gave me a number to call, I called them but they didn’t pick up. It’s only been a month, no less than a month, the machine should still be working. They do not want to give me a refund or even try to see what the problem. This is a waste of your money, do not get it! If I could give it a zero starred rating, I would.

Review posted: 10/12/17 new
Name: Mindy
Title: Limited POS


First issue, if you have any connection issues (which happen all the time), your POYNT terminal will not function properly and slow down the checkout process for customers.
There is no option for programming the POYNT POS terminal for unit pricing, only items. They recommend using their partner app Ehopper, which is TERRIBLE and charges for a service that should not be out of beta testing, in my opinion.
You cannot discount an order ticket 100%, again they recommend their terrible partner app Ehopper.
These are basic POS functions, POYNT needs to be developed further before its release to the market place. Do not waste your money on this POS! There are so many better options out there on the market right now.

Review posted: 08/02/17 new
Name: Stacy
Title: Not so Easy


I have spent at lest 10-15 hours watching videos, calling and emailing for how-tos for my retail store set up. After watching the web ex and speaking to 2 different sales reps through Costco I felt assured that they understood my exact needs. Unfortunately for me they did not. Kudos to their customer service for always being very polite and professional and working hard to try and find a resolution. I am still not sure this product is the best for my business but I still would recommend it.

Review posted: 07/07/17 new
Name: Inna Rudenko
Title: Not recommend!!!! Very bad service.


Not recommended. Service is really bad!! I tried to call 3 times for 10-15 min and always put me on hold, after I wait so much they just hang up the phone. Lie about percentage!! The cashier not read all cards!!

Review posted: 10/08/16 new
Title: iba


Love it, I sell it for a living.
I wish I could use one every day.

Review posted: 08/08/16 new
Name: CardFellow
Title: versatile and compact


The Poynt credit card machine/POS system doesn’t take up a ton of space, which is nice. It also accepts a lot of different payment types.