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Verifone VX 520 LE

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The Verifone VX 520 LE is designed with the needs of small businesses in mind. Offering durability and reliable processing, the terminal allows merchants to accept a variety of payment types at the time of sale. The user-friendly ATM-style interface and backward compatibility reduces training time and lets businesses start accepting payments quickly. The ergonomic and compact design is ideal for business environments where counter space is limited, and the terminal is light enough to hand to customers for entering PINs in debit transactions. For merchants who'd prefer not to give the entire terminal to customers, the VX 520 LE can optionally connect an external PIN pad.

Clear menu prompts on the large backlit LCD make options easy to read for faster overall transaction time. The fast ARM11 processor and advanced VX Evolution platform powered by a Verix operating system helps keep payments moving, reducing wait time for customers.

Merchants can accept traditional magnetic strip credit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Diners' Club, and more. Additionally, the terminal can process PIN and signature debit cards, gift cards, and more. Optional peripherals can also be attached via USB or serial port, enabling the terminal to accept additional forms of payment such as newer contactless technologies.

VeriShield Total Protect provides end-to-end encryption for maximum security. The terminal is PCT PTS 3.x approved, boasts EMV Level 1 and Level 2 approval, and uses industry-standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and 3DES encryption to protect businesses and customers.

The rugged Verifone VX 520 boasts a variety of features to make transaction processing quick, easy, and secure for small businesses. The terminal features fast dialup connectivity, a large backlit LCD screen, a durable integrated keypad, generous internal memory, connection options for peripheral equipment, and a built-in thermal printer complete with graphics capabilities.

Connectivity and Communication
The Verifone VX 520 is a traditional dialup terminal that connects via existing phone line. Additionally, the terminal offers several ports, including telephone, serial, and USB ports, for additional connectivity to existing systems or to optional peripheral devices.

A generous 128 x 64 pixel LCD screen features white backlighting for high visibility no matter what the lighting conditions are. The display supports up to 8 lines x 21 characters.

The VX 520 LE's metal dome keypad style is durable, designed to withstand more than 1 million key presses for a longer life. In addition to a traditional 3 column x 4 row alphanumeric pad, the terminal includes 8 soft function keys and 4 screen prompt keys for quick entry.

The VX 520 LE measures 8" L x 3.4" W x 3" H and weighs 500g, making it ideal for small spaces.

The Verifone VX 520 LE offers generous memory. 128MB of flash memory and 32MB or SDRAM come standard, totaling 160MB of built-in memory. Additionally, the terminal can support up to 500MB of memory for businesses who want to add more.

For quick receipt printing at time of sale, the VX 520 LE boasts a built-in thermal printer with graphics capabilities. The printer accepts standard 58mm receipt paper and prints 24 lines per second with either 24 or 32 columns.

The Verifone VX 520 LE offers USB and serial ports for connecting optional peripherals, such as contactless readers and external PIN pads. Optional peripherals increase the number of payment types the terminal can accept and process.

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Product Features
Status Universal
Product Category Credit Card Machines
Features Dial-Up, Dual/Comm, Contactless, EMV/ Smartcard, Internal PIN Pad, Multi application support

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Review posted: 01/21/17 new
Name: CardFellow
Title: phone line connection


The VX 520 LE connects via phone line for transaction processing, so it’s not as portable as wireless and wifi models, but perfectly fine if you keep your machine in the same general location. (On a countertop or server station, etc.)