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Boasting processing in just seconds, the Verifone VX 570 terminal offers merchants a fast, convenient transaction terminal for accepting a range of payment types. A user-friendly ATM-style interface and bright screen facilitate easy reading in a variety of lighting conditions. Merchants can accept traditional magnetic strip credit cards, EMV chip cards, EBT cards, gift cards, and PIN-based debit using the integrated PIN pad.

In addition to processing payments, merchants can process additional functions such as voids, refunds, and returns. The Verifone VX 570 also offers reporting options directly from the terminal, including gift card balance inquiries, gift card history and details, batch totals by clerk or by total, batch histories, and more.

For times when a connection is not available but merchants need to accept payments, the VX 570 offers an offline (store and forward) transaction mode. In the offline mode, merchants can accept payments by entering all the information at the time of sale and storing it in the terminal's memory. When a connection is available, merchants can submit the stored offline payments for authorization and approval. Merchants will be prompted to submit offline transactions before end-of-day settling.

For ease of software upgrades, the VX 570 has an integrated USB technology port for software downloads with a USB drive.


The VX 570 is PCI PED and EMV Level 1 and 2 approved for security. The terminal uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption and offers VeriShield Retain file authentication to help detect and prevent fraud.


The full-featured Verifone VX 570 offers a range of helpful options, including an anti-glare screen, ergonomic keypad, ample memory for transactions, a built-in receipt printer, and ports for connecting optional peripherals like check readers and PIN pads.

Connectivity and Communication
The Verifone VX 570 offers merchants the ability to connect via high-speed internet or traditional dialup. For businesses that already have a broadband service, the terminal can begin processing payments almost immediately using the always-on connection.

The terminal also has ports for connecting peripherals, including 1 USB port, two serial ports, an Ethernet port, and phone line port

A large, anti-glare, backlit white display offers easy reading in a variety of lighting conditions. Bold prompts make selections quick and convenient.

A traditional 4 column x 3 row keypad features ergonomic keys, and also includes 8 soft function keys and 4 screen-addressing keys. The integrated keypad is PCI approved for PIN debit transactions.

The slim, countertop terminal is 8" L x 4" W x 3.07" H and weighs 1.65 lbs. The Verifone VX 570 is small enough to hand to customers for entering PINs during debit transactions.

The VX 570 comes with 6MB of total memory standard, including 4MB of flash memory and 2MB of SRAM. Optionally, the terminal is available with 12MB of total memory, including 8MB of flash memory and 4MB of SRAM.

The built-in thermal printer includes graphics capabilities and can print at a fast 18 lines per second, reducing total transaction wait time for customers. The printer accepts standard 58mm paper rolls up to 25M or larger paper rolls up to 35M, requiring less frequent paper changes.

The Verifone VX 570 can connect to optional peripherals to increase the number of possible functions. The terminal can connect check readers in order to accept paper checks and convert to electronic transactions, and PIN pads for merchants who want a dedicated customer-facing PIN pad without having to hand over the entire terminal.

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Product Features
Status Universal
Product Category Credit Card Machines
Features Dial-Up, Dual/Comm, EMV/ Smartcard, Internal PIN Pad, Store & Forward, Multiple merchant support, Multi application support

Verifone VX 570 Q&A

What is the procedure to make my vx520 work in offline mode?
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from TSYS Merchant Solutions
  1. On payment terminal hit 7 and Enter simultaneously to enter Terminal Manager
  2. Terminal will prompt for password – 1 alpha alpha 66831
  3. Choose option for Edit Parameters
  4. Press 7 for GID and press Enter
  5. Terminal will prompt for password – 1 alpha alpha 66831
  6. Terminal displays File: CONFIG.SYS. Press Enter
  7. Press the option for Find
  8. Use the keypad and alpha button to type in BAUTH (if value 1 then enabled, 0 is disabled

Thanks TSYS Team

What is PED offline?
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from TSYS Merchant Solutions

This terminal is no longer current with PCI compliance standards and doesn't have the ability to process EMV cards through our processing systems. 


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Name: CardFellow
Title: many payment options


The Vx 570 accepts multiple payment types, including chip cards.