Loyverse POS

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Loyverse (a mashup of "loyalty" and "universe") is a POS software and loyalty program company. Loyverse promotes itself as a free POS solution, though it's important to note that there may still be costs associated, such as for purchasing equipment or processing credit card transactions.



The Lucy gateway is a proprietary gateway from Cynergy Data, providing secure payment processing online. The Lucy gateway boasts 99.99% uptime and fast authorization, helping you focus on business instead of IT glitches.

MagTek eDynamo EMV card reader

Virtual Terminal

The MagTek eDynamo is a USB or Bluetooth card reader that connects to your computer virtual terminal to allow you to take EMV chip cards and traditional credit cards.

MagTek tDynamo Reader


The latest in the MagTek Dynamo family is the tDynamo, a reader that allows you to accept three different payment types: magnetic stripe cards, EMV chip cards, and contactless payments like Apple Pay and Chase Pay.


POS Systems

Micros, a company owned by Oracle, has been a staple of the restaurant POS system world for years. Anyone who’s worked in a restaurant has probably come across it at some point in time.

MicroSale POS

POS Systems

MicroSale is a POS System designed for the hospitality industry. The company specifically references restaurants, bars, coffee shops, frozen yogurt shops or ice cream stands, game centers, and hotels or resorts.


POS Systems

Microworks POS (powered by PRISM POS) is a point-of-sale solution designed specifically for restaurants, with an emphasis on pizza delivery businesses. Microworks boasts clients that include Domino’s Pizza, Little Caesars, Pizza Hut, and more.


POS Systems

As the name implies, MINDBODY is a solution geared toward businesses related to wellbeing, like yoga studios, kickboxing gyms, or spa and fitness businesses.

mPower Beverage POS

POS Systems

The mPower Beverage Software is a full-service point-of-sale solution specifically designed for beer and wine sales and liquor stores. The company has offices in Dallas and San Antonio, but serves clients across the United States and can install or troubleshoot software remotely.

MX Merchant


MX Merchant is a platform created by Priority Payment Systems, but which can also work outside of Priority.

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