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Breadcrumb is a POS system designed for restaurants, cafes, bars, and nightclubs. It was owned by Groupon until May 2016, when it was sold to startup Upserve. Currently, the Breadcrumb restaurant POS system is anticipated to continue functioning as it has. If that changes, this review will be updated to reflect the new features or information.

Breadcrumb POS offers a wide range of features like in-depth reporting, menu customization, and an offline mode allow for a simple start for new businesses and with Breadcrumb’s easy integration with other software for managing labor, inventory, and financial analytics, you have the option to add on as your needs change and your business grows.

Breadcrumb runs on Apple iOS and uses the iPad as a countertop or tableside terminal, along with other accessories like credit card readers, receipt printers, and kitchen printers as needed. Is it right for your business? Get the details on what Breadcrumb POS offers for features, pricing, and more. 

What You’ll Need

If you want to use Breadcrumb to take debit or credit cards at your business, you will need the Breadcrumb software, an iPad or iPhone, and a merchant account with a compatible credit card processor. (See Breadcrumb and Credit Card Processing section for more info on compatible processors.)

Breadcrumb offers iPads preloaded with their software as an option if you are starting from scratch, as well as accessories such as stands for the iPad, magnetic strip credit card readers, and cash drawers.

Breadcrumb and Credit Card Processing

Breadcrumb is not a credit card processor itself, and therefore does not publish pricing for processing on its website. You will need a merchant account with a compatible processor and that processor will be the one to set your pricing.

Breadcrumb has some preferred processors, but is also compatible with many others, giving you flexibility in choosing a processor that is right for your business. Breadcrumb lists Axia, APS, and WorldPay as its preferred processors, but is also compatible with First Data, TSYS, Chase, and Heartland.

Want to know exactly what you’d pay? Request a Breadcrumb quote using CardFellow’s quote request tool. It’s completely free and private, so you can check your pricing to use Breadcrumb with no pressure from sales reps.

Breadcrumb Features

Breadcrumb POS software provides a variety of features designed for the restaurant, cafe, bar and nightclub industry, like check management, an offline mode,

Tab and Check Management
Tabs are an integral part of the bar and nightclub industry and with Breadcrumb you can quickly create and manage multiple tabs, even creating them in advance for regular or VIP customers. This system also allows you to easily split tabs and create separate checks to fit your customers’ desires. You can also merge tables to create larger parties.

Kitchen printing
To save time, Breadcrumb can provide options to send order tickets directly to a kitchen printer. Breadcrumb provides a notes section where relevant information about VIP parties or complementary items can be listed for kitchen staff and servers to view.

Offline Mode
The Breadcrumb software needs a connection to the internet to function in full. In the event of an outage you will still have the ability to create checks and take card payments and when the outage is over the software will automatically begin processing the sales that were made.

Employee Management
Breadcrumb also helps businesses manage employees with time clock functions, user-specific permissions set for each employee, and employee data such as hours worked and tips received. Setting user permissions allows you to require management approval for voids and limits staff access to management-level POS functions.

Hardware and Accessories

You can install the Breadcrumb software on your own iPad and be ready to go, but they also offer the iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 2 and the iPad pro with the software pre-installed and shipped to you with a variety of options for stands, magnetic credit card readers and printers. (For more on Breadcrumb’s accessories and prices click the link to the product page below.)


Reports can be accessed directly from the Breadcrumb terminal or a computer with an internet connection. Optionally, you can use the Breadcrumb Live app for the iPhone that can provide up to the minute sales information. Reporting includes basic sales reporting and comparison, over 25 data filters for check details, employee management data, and product details on which of your menu items are most popular.

Product Features
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Features Tableside Ordering, Tableside Payment Processing, Gift cards and customer loyalty tracking, Inventory management, Sales reports, Employee tracking & management, Payroll metrics, iPad-Based System, Bar Code Scanners, Card Readers, Cash Drawers, Receipt Printers, Customer Displays, Kitchen Printers & Monitors

Breadcrumb POS Q&A

How do I update breadcrumb on my iPad?
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Please call Breadcrumb support and have them help you update.


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Name: CardFellow
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Breadcrumb was designed for the food service industry, so it has lots of features for that, like check splitting, kitchen printing, and more.