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It certainly grabs attention when a POS system says it’s free, and the eHopper POS is one such system. However, there’s a little more to it than that. The POS software itself is free, IF you have a merchant account with eHopper and purchase compatible hardware (the company offers a bundle for sale.)

If you choose to use a different processor, a monthly fee for the software applies. We’re not saying that’s a bad thing, necessarily, it’s just something to be aware of.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at what the eHopper POS system can offer your business, and what it will cost you.

eHopper Features

The eHopper POS system has functions for both restaurants and retailers. You can take payments, apply discounts, calculate and add taxes, email or print receipts for customers, track inventory and utilize employee management options. For restaurants, the ability to designate an order type and split checks may come in handy.

Order Type
For restaurants, the order type function can come in handy. It allows you to specify what kind of order the current sale is, with options that include takeout, drive through, or delivery.

Split Payments
Whether you run a restaurant where customers want to split a check between multiple people, or a retail store where one customer wants to use multiple forms of payment, you can easily split bills with the eHopper POS system.  

Inventory Management
Keeping tabs on your stock levels and locations is made easier with eHopper’s inventory management features. You can manage categories, departments, quantities, and prices from the POS system. You can also keep track of exchanges and returns.  

Employee Management
From the eHopper POS system, you can control staff access, including setting custom permissions, as well as track employee data for managing labor costs and ensuring accurate staffing.  

Customer Management
If you’re looking to build a customer database for marketing purposes or to see what your customers purchase and when, you can use eHopper’s easy customer management tools. You can add customers, search for existing customers, created personalized receipts, and send customized marketing materials to encourage repeat business.   


More robust reporting options are one of the things that set a POS system apart from a standard countertop terminal. The eHopper gives you online access to reports so you can track customer data, transactions, and more.

eHopper Pricing for Credit Card Processing

Here’s where it gets a little confusing: eHopper isn’t a credit card processor itself, but can offer integrated credit card processing. (In fact, you’ll need to do it that way if you’re interested in the free POS software.) There’s no published pricing for processing on its website, though the company lists starting rates as low as 1%. However, that’s lower than most of the wholesale costs of processing, which could indicate tiered pricing.

On the upside, eHopper can support other processors, so if you already have a processor and want to switch, or prefer to find more transparent low cost pricing, you may be able to use another processor and still use the eHopper POS system. Be aware that if you go that route, the POS software is no longer free, and you’ll have to pay a monthly charge (around $34.99) on top of the costs of processing.

eHopper POS Pricing

There are two separate pieces to eHopper pricing: the POS software and hardware to run it. The POS software itself is available at no cost. An inclusive hardware bundle offering a tablet, stand, cash drawer, receipt printer, and credit card processing equipment. The hardware bundle can be purchased or rented.

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eHopper POS Q&A

Does eHopper have APIs to integrate with 3rd party apps?
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Please call this POS company direct for questions about their API.


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Review posted: 11/14/16 new
Name: Mark Larkin
Title: You get what you pay for


The system is not designed to support legitimate small to mid size businesses. It is better for small or part time operations or hobbies. The POS is slow, lacks many important business reporting tools and features, heck it doesn’t even have a calculator… its built as a single use POS register, with limited capabilities to have multiple registers or use multiple employees at once… Sales team is unknowledgeable, lazy, and unsupportive… Customer support is overseas (eastern Europe or Russia)… I recommended spending a little more and getting something worth your time.

Review posted: 09/10/16 new
Name: Victoria
Title: Simple to use


I like the simplicity of it. I am using the free version. While the software has quite a few features I was able to get up and running within 2 – 3 hours. Definitely switching to the paid service once we get traction at the store. I also like that they do not limit users or product in the free version. Great product

Review posted: 07/08/16 new
Name: Tim Matthews
Title: Average at best


If you’re looking to keep it simple go to squared and use quickbooks. keep the power in your own hards.

Review posted: 06/02/16 new
Name: Aelx Rose


It’s great that eHopper is helping small business to start running business with no pos software fees. It’s a very easy to use pos system. They have good video library.

Review posted: 05/16/16 new
Name: CardFellow
Title: plenty of management features


Customer management, employee management, inventory management, and reporting capabilities are all an integral part of the eHopper POS software, designed to help run your business.