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First Data’s ICVERIFY POS software is an integrated software solution for any restaurant or retail location looking to centralize and simplify their payments. From the makers of the Clover POS system, ICVERIFY is sometimes referred to as First Data Payment Software for Windows.

ICVERIFY is able to process payments for all major debit and credit cards and can optionally process checks, gift cards, and Level II and Level III data for corporate accounts. This software can be a cost-effective solution that complements existing equipment you may have. Read on to get the details about what this system offers and if it’s right for your business.

What You’ll Need

To use ICVERIFY for accepting credit cards, you’ll need the POS software, compatible hardware running Windows, and a merchant account with a supported processor. Despite its connection to First Data, ICVERIFY is not proprietary. It can be used not only with a First Data account, but also with Chase Paymentech, Elavon, Global Payments, Heartland Payment Systems, TSYS, and WorldPay.


ICVERIFY is designed as an easy-to-use POS solution. The software integrates with existing computers, offers a customer database for easier marketing or recurring billing, and provides a way to take payments over the phone or by mail.

Easy Integration
ICVERIFY can be used in combination with already existing hardware as a way to improve cost-effectiveness of any business’s operations

Customer Database
With the POS solution, you can keep track of all customer transactions and organize them according to a variety of modifiers, including demographics. Easily see your customers’ preference and habits.

Recurring billing
You can use the customer database to quickly set up recurring billing. Perfect for businesses that offer memberships or subscriptions.

Mail and Phone Orders
ICVERIFY can be used as a virtual terminal, allowing you and your staff to take credit card payments by phone or mail.


Users can print extensive reports to have tangible data, or the reports can be accessed using the software on the central computer. Reports are available for credit cards, debit cards, checks, settlements, and offline transactions. Up to 9 years of data can be stored, ensuring access to information you need long after a transaction is completed.

ICVERIFY Pricing for Credit Card Processing

Since the ICVERIFY is the POS software and not the credit card processing company, the pricing for taking credit cards isn’t set by ICVERIFY. Instead, the company you use to take credit cards will determine your costs.

If you’d like to find out exactly what you’d pay, our no-obligation quote request tool is free and private, so you can check pricing specific to your business without pressure from sales reps. Try it here.

ICVERIFY Software Pricing

Currently, the ICVERIFY software and setup costs $289.95. This cost is subject to change, and is in addition to the fees for accepting credit cards, which many include monthly, annual, and per-transaction fees.

ICVERIFY Hardware Requirements and Accessories

As of 2016, the minimum system requirements to install and run ICVERIFY on a PC are as follows:

  • Pentium/Athlon computer 1 GHz or faster processor
  • Microsoft Windows operating system
  • 512MB available hard drive space
  • 512MB RAM
  • CD-ROM drive

Accessories for specific functions are optional. The ICVERIFY POS can connect with magnetic stripe card readers, contactless card readers, PIN pads, and check processing devices.

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Name: CardFellow
Title: Not limited to First Data


Even though it’s a First Data program, ICVERIFY can be used with several different processors. The software works with Windows devices, so it’s compatible with many existing systems, limiting the need to buy new equipment.