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Sabor is a point of sale system designed for restaurants, bars, and cafes. It runs on the Windows operating system, and provides you with the necessary functions for taking orders and payments at your food service business. With so many choices for POS systems today, how do you know if Sabor is the right one? Here we give you all the details on the system’s features so you can make an informed decision.

What You’ll Need

To use Sabor POS, you’ll need a device (computer, tablet, etc.) running Windows 8 or 10 and the Sabor software. You may also want optional hardware like receipt printers and cash drawers.

If you want to take credit cards using the same POS system, you’ll also need a merchant account with a compatible credit card processor on the Vantiv platform. (You do not need to have a merchant account with Vantiv if you just want to use Sabor POS for order entry, management, and reporting and don’t intend to take credit cards.)

Sabor POS Features

As a restaurant-specific POS system, Sabor offers features you’ll need to help take care of orders and customers quickly and accurately. You can expect features to enter orders, send order details to the kitchen, split or combine checks, and customize a floor plan to match your restaurant’s seating.

Hardware and Accessories

Sabor POS software works on equipment running Windows 8 or 10, including PCs, laptops, and tablets. That’s what you’ll need at minimum. Beyond that, you can pick and choose equipment and accessories to create your ideal custom setup. Sabor supports kitchen display screens for your chefs, locking cash drawers for safe cash transactions, and receipt printers to quickly print checks for your customers.


Businesses run on reports, and Sabor POS offers a convenient dashboard that lets you securely view transaction information, including order type, so you can make informed decisions. You can even add multiple locations to the same dashboard to track all of your restaurants’ sales and info in one place.


Since Sabor POS isn’t a credit card processor, it doesn’t set the pricing to take credit cards. (Those costs will be set by the processing company you work with. Remember, Sabor is currently only compatible with Vantiv processing.)

Sabor doesn’t publish pricing for its software, either.

If you’d like a complete quote to use Sabor POS at your restaurant, request one using CardFellow’s quote request tool.

Pricing for the software and for credit card processing does not include any additional hardware you may need to purchase, including a computer, Windows, or optional accessories such as cash drawers and receipt printers.

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Review posted: 10/13/16 new
Name: Antonio
Title: Easy & Fast


I downloaded Sabor pos on the windows store, I’m using it on my surface pro 3 and it works perfectly. I can accept tables, delivery, and online orders quickly. It’s also free and has more features than other POS I see people using. I would recommend to all my friends.