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That’s Groovv, not Groove, and it’s offered by a processing company called Total Merchant Services. There are two different POS options you can choose from: Groovv POS Flex, and Groovv POS All in One. The Flex model is designed for mobility while offering the functions of a point of sale system. The All-in-One is the more traditional stationary choice. In this Groovv POS review and profile, we’ll go over features of both, as well as anything specific to the different systems.

What You Need to Get Started

You’ve done your research, and decided you want to use Groovv for your point of sale system. To get started, you’ll need the Groovv software on compatible hardware. You can get equipment bundles from Groovv.) If you want to take credit cards through your POS system, you’ll need a merchant account with Total Merchant Services.  

Groovv POS Flex

As I mentioned earlier, the Flex option is designed for businesses that need to be able to move around. It includes a wireless stand, tablet, and a chip/NFC combination reader. The tablet and reader are both detachable from the stand, perfect for restaurants with staff that enter orders at the table or stores that cash out customers in multiple locations. Check out Groovv’s video on the POS Flex to see it in action:



Tablet: 9.6” Samsung touchscreen model running on Android
Folding stand: 9.6”W x 12.75”L x 2”D
Wireless connections: Yes 

You can add optional accessories using the wireless connection in order to customize the perfect system for your needs. Available accessories include a receipt printer, kitchen printer, cash drawer, and barcode scanner.

Groovv POS All-in-One Specifics

The All-in-One POS is a traditional, stationary POS system. This is the choice for businesses that don’t need the mobility of the Flex. If customers come up to the register to place orders or pay, the All-in-One is for you.Groovv has a video on the All-in-One:


What’s included:

  • A 13” touchscreen tablet
  • EMV/NFC reader with stand
  • Receipt printer
  • Cash drawer
  • Barcode scanner
  • Customer display

As with the Flex, you can add optional accessories, including a handheld barcode scanner or a kitchen printer if you need to print information to your back of house staff.

Groovv POS Systems Features

Both Groovv systems let you securely accept EMV and magnetic stripe credit and debit cards, as well as NFC (contactless) payment methods like Apple Pay or Samsung Pay. Additionally, you can expect tax, tip, and check management options, inventory management and reporting options, and marketing tools.

Tax, Tip, and Check Management
With Groovv, you’ll have options for several commonly-needed functions, like adding taxes to transactions, allowing customers to add a tip for their server, and splitting checks between multiple payment methods.

Inventory Management and Reporting
Groovv’s inventory management options let you track your inventory, set alerts to warn you when stock is low, and track sales to see what’s doing well and what isn’t. Additional reports are also available for profitability trends, employee hours, and more.

Marketing Tools
Both Groovv POS systems include PassMarket Lite, a marketing tool designed to help you increase sales through smartphone offers and loyalty programs. Customers simply enter their phone number when making a purchase to join the loyalty program.

PassMarket Advanced is available for an additional monthly fee if you’d prefer to upgrade and use more robust features. The Advanced version includes a coupon publisher, order-ahead options for takeout restaurants, and social media options.

Social Media Marketing
Groovv Offers allows you to engage customers by sending offers, discounts, and loyalty incentives by email, text message, or website with one click. Keep customers coming back with Groovv Offers. 

Groovv POS Pricing

Unfortunately, Groovv doesn’t publish any information at all about its pricing. Its website doesn’t list a retail price for either of the hardware bundles, nor does it specify if components can be purchased individually. The company’s website does have a section for “Groovv integrated payments” for businesses that want to get set up to take credit and debit cards, but again there is no pricing information. The Total Merchant Services website also does not publish pricing information.  

Links for More Info

Groovv POS Flex
Groovv POS All-in-One

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Review posted: 10/09/17 new
Name: Meredith L Homan
Title: Stay away


Where do I start? The product linked to my bank going to a wrong address? Or the fact they took 10x the agreed fees OR the promises it would be returned??? I have not even been able to get a return call!

Review posted: 09/24/17 new
Name: Jack Shearer


I’m inclined to agree with Ms. LaDue’s revue. I’ve been with Total Merchant Services for 15 years. Previous card readers that they provided (Nurrit) were fine UNTIL the advent of the Chip. It’s been a nightmare ever since. We upgraded our wi-fi (including provider) to accommodate the Groovv Pos and it’s been nothing but aggravation ever since. Tech support doesn’t appear to have a real fix for the tablet locking up on PIN purchases. Our staff is increasingly frustrated and embarrassed by the daily crashes at point-of-sale. My suspicion is that the card reader MP200 is incompatible with the tablet. As the Holiday Season approaches I’m very worried that this could do us a lot of lasting harm.

Review posted: 06/09/17 new
Name: Elizabeth Cott
Title: Never use this POS


Our business has lost several people due to the incompetence of their costumer service people. The system has doubled charged our customers and not returned money when a comaplaint has been filed. They have threatened to charge us an exorbitant fee if we break the contract. This has been the worst experience, ever.

Review posted: 05/24/17 new
Name: Susan LaDue


Whatever you do, avoid Groov point of sale sytems. Their equipment does not communicate well (tablet to print to cash draw to card swiper) and for 2 years it has regularly gated my revenue because I could not take credit card payments. Over and over and over I spent hours on the phone with their tech people who led me through lengthy fixes that last for 2 or 3 sales then the system crashed again. It has been a nightmare. And their customer service is completely unresponsive. Their tech people keep explaining that there’s something wrong with my business’s internet modem when our internet works FINE for our laptops and phones. It’s that the Groov tablet can’t pick up the signal, even after we bought an expensive wi-fi extended. STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE. They are either dishonest or incompetent or both.

Review posted: 08/04/16 new
Name: CardFellow
Title: Cool to have choice of two systems


It’s awesome that Groovv gives the choice between two systems. If you need a more mobile POS option, you can go with the Flex, or they have the All In One for a traditional system. Also good that it takes chip cards.