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Talech (defined on the company’s website as an ancient Mayan word for someone who listens to the needs of others) is the maker of a robust point of sale system. The Talech POS is tablet-based and offers a variety of features to help you run your business. It includes integrated payment acceptance, order taking, inventory management, data management, and more. The system is customizable for your business type, offering features like barcode printing for retailers or tip adjustments for food service businesses. Multiple processors are able to support Talech POS.

Promotions and discounts
With Talech POS, you can easily apply discounts (in percentages or dollar amounts) to either a single item or a customer’s entire purchase. A detailed breakdown of discounts is available so you can easily view what discounts were applied to what orders.

Payment types
You can take cash, checks, and credit cards using Talech. Card data is encrypted when you swipe the card for customer security. The POS also provides the ability to split bills between multiple payment types.

Employee management
Talech POS offers an employee clock-in feature so you can easily track hours worked. A timesheet report is available through the Talech app or on Talech’s website.

Data management
Business management involves tracking your data, and Talech POS provides detailed reports on multiple metrics. You can get daily sales summaries, reports of top performing employees and products, transaction reports, and insights into sales patterns.

Customer management
Understanding your customers is key to keeping them happy and encouraging repeat business. Talech POS offers a customer relationship management feature that lets you capture your customer’s information when they check out. You’ll be able to see how often the customer visits your store, how much they spend, and when they were last in.

Cloud storage
All of your data is securely stored on the cloud, ensuring that you have access to it from almost anywhere.  

Gift cards (for Elavon customers only)
If you use Elavon for credit card processing with your Talech POS, you can optionally choose to sell gift cards that you can activate through your POS.

Talech pricing

The Talech POS system is priced on a flat monthly fee schedule and is available in standard and premium plans. Standard plans are recommended for cafes, food trucks, and small businesses such as gift shops and book stores.

Standard plan: Monthly Standard plan: Annually
$49/month for the first device
$24/month for each additional device
$44/month for the first device
$21/month for each additional device

Premium plans are designed for full service restaurants and large retailers.

Premium plan: Monthly  Premium plan: Annually

$99/month for up to 2 devices
$199/month for up to 5 devices
$299/month for up to 8 devices
$29/month for each additional device

$89/month for up to 2 devices
$179/month for up to 5 devices
$269/month for up to 8 devices
$26/month for each additional device

These costs are in addition to your processor’s pricing. 

What does the Premium plan include over the Standard?

In addition to all the features available in the Standard plan, the Premium plan offers inventory alerts, purchase order creation, the ability to submit restaurant orders by course, automatic gratuity adding for large parties, and table layout management.


The Talech POS works with multiple hardware configurations. The only required piece is a tablet. Talech works with iPad Pro, Air, and Mini models. Additionally, the system is compatible with card swipers including models from Ingenico and Magtek. Some models such as the Ingenico ICMP support EMV chip cards. Receipt printers, kitchen printers, iPad stands, cash drawers, and barcode scanners can also be connected for use with the Talech.

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Review posted: 11/13/17 new
Name: Amy
Title: Has some real problems


This software kind of works. Support is hit or miss, though. They won’t provide a granular sales data (reports are all rolled up by day or item type). They don’t refund the tax charged on an item if a customer returns the item. I’ve submitted multiple tickets on that issue, and was asked what computer operating system I was using to download the report (?!?). And we are using the software for trade shows. The prices change from show-to-show on the same item, but there is no historical data retained for an item, so you lose your historical accuracy if you change the price of a product (as near as I can tell). It’s sort of okay if you download your sales data and keep it off-site, but data that remains in the system from a previous event contaminates the upload of product data for a new event, so you have to check item by item to make sure prices, costs and categories are correct. I’m used to real inventory management software, and this isn’t that. I’m not sure what it is, given the limited reporting capabilities, and the lack of historical data. It charges credit cards, so that’s something. But our card reader goes to sleep pretty quickly, and then you have to wait for it to wake up for the next sale. No way to turn that feature off.

It’s basically a very… very very… green product. They’ve obviously been attempting to add some nice features, like discounted bundles, but the basic accounting portion simply isn’t rigorous enough. And I don’t want to imagine how to handle the failure to refund sales tax on returns. I’d be changing my name and moving to Alaska if I wrote code that did that.

Review posted: 10/30/17 new
Name: darryl
Title: owner


I wouldn’t recommend this pos system to anybody. Absolutely crap. The worst experience I’ve had with a pos system in my over 20 years experience in the restaurant business.

Review posted: 08/12/17 new
Name: Arash
Title: worst POS company


I’m always have problems with software and they can’t fix it and I lost a lot business and customers

Review posted: 07/13/17 new
Name: Richard
Title: Horrible


Software itself is great. This is likely the most unorganized companies I have ever dealt with. Tech support is worse then being outsourced. If you need to speak to management best of luck cause they basically have none. You’re better off buying yourself a drawer and calculator.

Review posted: 07/09/17 new
Name: Peter
Title: Don't buy if using elavon processing


The card reader supplied by Elavon has major connectivity issues. Unresolved for 13 months. Nobody wants to fix it. Do not buy if using Elavon.

Review posted: 03/05/17 new
Name: Philip Warmbrodt
Title: owner seaside golf and restaraunt


total night mare. All started with Elavon. don’t ever give them your bank account info. then talech tech support is worthless. losts of time on hold. If Talech supports Elavon then they should share the bad publicity. Mislead from day one.

Review posted: 09/21/16 new
Name: carl signorelli
Title: Support


Their email support is worthless. I submitted a question to them using their email system and received an email response saying that I will be contacted in four hours. Well a day has gone by and still no response. Its a total waste especially for a simple question.

Review posted: 04/19/16 new
Name: CardFellow
Title: tablet POS system


The Talech POS has a lot of necessary functions, and offers an affordable option for businesses considering a tablet-based system.