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Floral POS is full-featured point-of-sale software designed specifically for, well, florists. The software is installed directly onto computers in your store, with data backed up onto the cloud. Floral POS is not proprietary, and the company claims the ability to work with virtually all credit card processors to create a full POS solution for placing and tracking orders and accepting credit and debit cards. That's great news if you're looking to get low cost credit card processing, since you'll be able to request quotes from multiple companies. 

Floral POS Features

The Floral POS software offers a range of features designed to streamline the sales process for florists. Some notable features include:

One-screen order entry
Floral POS boasts easy one-screen order entry designed to help minimize learning curves and lead to quick customer checkout. Floral POS includes the option to mark an order as pickup, walk-in, or delivery.

Customer picker
To help expedite order processing, Floral POS includes a customer picker option to track and manage existing customers’ information. Simply enter a customer’s name or phone number to search the system and select the customer for the order. If the customer is not yet in the system, they can be added at the time of order for future customer picker access.

Delivery manager
The delivery manager function allows you to easily coordinate floral deliveries. With delivery manager, you can create a delivery and include needed information, assign drivers to the delivery, update the order status, view email confirmations, and more.

Order copying
For repeat orders, the copy order function allows you to quickly replicate the same order. This feature is helpful for schools and organizations that have repetitive order needs.

Barcode capability
Floral POS supports barcodes, allowing you to add barcodes to an item in your inventory, or to scan a barcode to add an item directly to an order instead of entering it manually.

In-software gift card support
If you want to offer gift cards, Floral POS provides the ability to charge gift cards for an order as well as load them for reuse, directly inside the POS software.

Options to email
With Floral POS, you can choose to email copies of important documents, including receipts, work orders, invoices, payments, and more.

Retrievable trash bin
We've all done it: hit the wrong button, or thought something was taken care of and deleted it. In case an order is deleted by accident, Floral POS has you covered with a trash bin that boasts order retrieval. You can look at all of the deleted orders, see who deleted them, and even restore the order if necessary.


Floral POS offers an order browser to help with business management and reporting functions. The order browser allows easy viewing of all orders with one click. Orders can be sorted by recipient, shopping cart, and more.

Equipment and Accessories

Floral POS is compatible with both Apple and Microsoft operating systems. Floral POS must be locally installed onto a computer. Internet access is required for use with credit card processors. Optional accessories may be supported to increase the functionality of the Floral POS software. Compatible devices include printers (for printing receipts or work tickets) and barcode scanners.


For your convenience, Floral POS offers customer service hours from 9am – 6pm EST Monday through Friday, and 9am – 12pm EST on Saturday. After hours calls go to voicemail, and the company states they will attempt to answer emergency calls. Customer service is also available via live chat, and by submitting help desk tickets.

Customer service hours are extended during floral busy times, such as the week prior to Mother’s Day and the week prior to Valentine’s Day.

Pricing for Credit Card Processing

Since Floral POS is not the credit card processor itself, rates and fees to accept credit cards will be set by a credit card processor. Choosing the right one can seem like a complicated process, but it's a lot easier using CardFellow's quote request tool. It's completely free and private (no sales calls!) so you can review your options and take your time making a decision. Try it here

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Review posted: 04/19/16 new
Name: CardFellow
Title: specialty software and choice of processors a plus


Since it’s designed specifically for florists, the Floral POS system has features that will benefit any flower shop. Additionally, Floral POS lets you work with almost any credit card processing company, so you can get the right solution for your needs.