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Converge Mobile is a smartphone and tablet payment processing option offered by Elavon. It’s designed for businesses that regularly want or need to take payments away from a traditional store or restaurant setting. If you’re a landscaper, delivery business (including florist, pizza delivery, baker, etc.) or any other on-the-go seller, mobile processing like Converge lets you take credit cards without a full credit card machine.

Using Converge Mobile

To use it, you’ll need a smartphone or tablet and the Converge app, as well as the Ingenico iCMP card reader/PIN pad combo device. Converge works with both Android and Apple products. You’ll also need a merchant account with an Elavon-compatible processing company.

Some mobile solutions don’t require a card reader. This is not the case with Converge Mobile. The Ingenico iCMP chip-capable PIN pad is required, and must be purchased or leased when setting up a new Converge Mobile account.

The iCMP allows you to accept more payment types. It lets you take traditional magnetic strip credit and debit cards, EMV chip cards, and contactless payments like Apple Pay. If customers have debit cards and prefer to use their PIN, the iCMP allows for that. Otherwise, customers can choose to authorize the transaction by signing for it.


In addition to accepting credit and debit card payments, Converge Mobile lets you keep track of cash payments for easy accounting. You can also automatically calculate taxes (if necessary), apply discounts, or allow customers to add tips for great service.

Converge Mobile also lets you email receipts to customers to save you the hassle of carrying around a printer.

A limited reporting view is available in the mobile app; it will show your transaction history. You can also get more detailed sales reports and other information by accessing your Converge account online.


The required Ingenico iCMP card reader and PIN pad offers encryption, providing an extra layer of security when accepting credit cards. Cardholder data is not stored on your mobile device, helping keep you and your customers safe. Additionally, the app itself requires a password in order to prevent unauthorized use.

How much does Converge Mobile cost?

That depends on your processor. Since Converge Mobile is just the app that’s used for taking payments on mobile devices, the actual costs for accepting cards will vary. Rates and fees to take cards is determined by your processor.

If you need exact figures, your best bet is to get a private quote from processors who can support Converge Mobile. CardFellow’s free quote request tool can help you find supported processors and see your pricing without the pressure of sales calls.  

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Features iOS compatible, Android Compatible, EMV capable

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Review posted: 02/14/18 new
Name: ron boyer
Title: pos!!!


This thing has not read a card since the day I got it. Even the damn people you call for help cant figure it out. How embarrassing is it in front of lines of customers. Only way it works is if you manually type the info in…oh and then you get charged more for manual entry. happy to say we are going back to using square. do not buy this card reader.

Review posted: 12/16/17 new
Name: jeff connor
Title: For more hassle in your life


If you want a real crummy app to take hrs out of your work day this is the one!! Goes down all the time, logs you out for no reason, my company is going back to SQUARE!!!

Review posted: 01/21/17 new
Name: CardFellow
Title: limited to Elavon companies


You’ll need a merchant account with a processing company on the Elavon paltform to use Converge mobile. You’re also required to use the iCMP card reader.