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PAYware Mobile is Verifone’s mobile processing option for smartphones and tablets. The company offers a line of compatible readers and an app that works with Android and Apple devices. Since it’s a Verifone product, it’s universal – almost any credit card processing company can support it. You’ll need to find a processor who offers Verifone equipment. If you’re looking for a mobile payment solution, here’s what you need to know about the Verifone PAYware mobile.


The PAYware Mobile app’s features include several basic payment functions, including signature capture, the ability to add a tip, a sales tax calculator, the ability to email receipts to customers instead of printing them, adjustable card slide timeout settings, and refund or void functions.

Additionally, you it offers mobile device management functionality, a test drive mode, and transaction geotagging to include a location for where the purchase took place.


There are several card readers that are compatible with the PAYware Mobile app.

The Verifone e100 card reader is the traditional reader that connects via headphone jack. It offers full encryption for security. It measures 35 x 17 x 32 mm and weighs 18 grams.

The Verifone e255 features a PIN pad that allows you to accept PIN debit transactions, which may qualify for lower pricing. (Pricing is set by your processor.) It also has chip card capability, and can take NFC (contactless) payments. It connects visa Bluetooth, and is compatible with Android, Apple, and Windows systems. This reader is a little larger; approximately the size of a credit card.

The Verifone e315 reader is specifically designed for Apple products. It works with the iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5 and goes around the device. A built-in wrist strap helps prevent dropping. It connects via Apple’s lightning port connector, and includes a PIN pad, 2D barcode scanner, and readers that can accept magnetic strip cards, chip cards, and contactless payments.

The Verifone e335 is the tablet version of the 315; it’s designed for iPad Mini and offers the same capabilities for payment acceptance as the 315.


PAYware is PCI compliant. The card readers are fully encrypted, so no one else can see data during transmission. It also means that no information is stored within the application or on PAYware’s card reader.

Another of PAYware’s security functions is mobile device management. Let’s say one of your devices gets lost or stolen. You don’t have to worry that whoever finds the device will be able to process transactions, because you can deactivate it remotely.


The costs for the readers will vary depending on where you purchase them. Additionally, there will be a cost to accept payments with the reader. Those costs will be set by the credit card processor that you choose. If you’d like instant, private quotes so that you can see exactly what your business will pay, try this free quote request tool.


PAYware offers a variety of reporting results, although be aware they’re not in real time. You can look at your last transaction, search by transaction, or receive a daily summary of transactions, which you can send via email to the recipient of your choice.

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Can you do an over the phone charge?
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You will need to be connected to wifi or cell data in order for a transaction to be completed. 



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Review posted: 11/28/17 new
Name: acw
Title: Not Android Friendly


Although I was told that PAYware is compatible with Android Tablets … I was finally told that you cannot use a card reader with it. So all transactions have to be entered manually, which the bank charges extra for. VERY disappointed.

Review posted: 10/04/17 new
Name: Bad company
Title: Worst


This is the worst company, the app never works, they charge fees of $55 every month for more than 2 years even though I didn’t use any service from this company .
* I tried to trust them again to re-use the service on SEP 2017, I charged $2000 from my customers , they charge me $110 for fees .
* Now I decide to cancel my 3 year contract with them for $350 penalty . This company is the worst. A lot of hidden fees, worst app, don’t be tricked like me.

Review posted: 05/31/16 new
Name: CardFellow
Title: universal option


PAYWare mobile is offered by Verifone, so it can be used with a bunch of different processors, which is helpful when shopping for good pricing. There are different readers available, too, so some can take chip cards and contactless payments in addition to magnetic strip ones.