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Virtual terminals are a convenient option for businesses that want to take credit cards over the phone or in person using a computer instead of a dedicated credit card machine. Rather than using a credit card terminal, you’ll enter customers’ credit card details into a secure form using a computer with an internet connection.

The Clearent virtual terminal works with Clearent-compatible credit card processing companies, and can be used by businesses in a variety of industries. The company suggests the virtual terminal for doctors, dentists, non-profits, accountants, schools, lawn care businesses, property management services, and more.

Clearent boasts next-day funding and ease of use to make accepting credit cards easy.

Clearent Virtual Terminal

What You’ll Need

To use the Clearent virtual terminal, you’ll need a merchant account with a compatible processor and a computer with an internet connection. The virtual terminal is web-based, meaning it can be accessed from a variety of devices.

Optionally, you can add an encrypted card reader to swipe cards, which may result in lower processing costs. Card readers connect to your computer via USB port or Bluetooth, depending on the model you choose. Clearent’s virtual terminal supports Magtek readers.

Accepting Payments

The Clearent virtual terminal lets you take payments using your computer or a compatible mobile device like a smartphone or tablet.


You can use the virtual terminal for in-person and over the phone payments, perfect for clients that call in to pay a bill. If your business charges customers on a subscription basis, you can set up recurring billing to automate the process, charging customers on customizable schedules. Recurring billing can be set for weekly, monthly, or annual bills and customers’ card details are stored securely in the Clearent vault.

With the virtual terminal, you can perform multiple functions, including processing individual sales, setting up recurring billing, issuing refunds, processing voids, and even allowing clients to add a gratuity to the total. Receipts for transactions can be printed or emailed.

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The virtual terminal includes reporting with search functions that allow you to locate transactions by card, transaction number, customer name or ID, and more. You’ll be able to view general sales information as well.

Fraud and Security

Clearent helps you protect yourself from fraud by offering tools like Address Verification System (AVS) and Card Security Code (CSC.) Additionally, when you use recurring billing, cards are stored securely in a card vault and tokenized for added security.

Clearent Virtual Terminal Costs

Costs to use the virtual terminal will vary by business. Factors like average transaction size, volume, swiping or keying cards, and more will all play a role in your final costs to accept credit cards. The processing company that you work with will be the one to set your pricing. This could be Clearent directly, or a processor that works with Clearent.

You can see pricing for using a virtual terminal right here at CardFellow by using our price comparison tool. Fill out a short form and choose from the available virtual terminals offered by processors to compare quotes and find the right solution.

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Name: CardFellow
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The Clearent virtual terminal works with multiple processing companies and offers helpful features like a card storage vault for recurring billing.