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NETePay is made by Datacap Systems and provides you with the option to process payments using existing computers as a point-of-sale device, or ”virtual terminal.” NETePay requires a secure internet connection, and optionally offers dialup connection as a backup for times when an internet connection goes down or is unavailable. Virtual terminals are ideal for businesses that take payments by phone or mail. If that’s you, here’s what you need to know about NETePay’s virtual terminal.

Using the NETePay Virtual Terminal

NETePay can be used with a single store location or at multiple computers in different branches. It’s designed primarily for retail and lets you accept credit cards, debit cards, checks, EBT cards, and gift cards through the GIFTePay sister service.

NETePay supports multiple operating systems, including Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7. The NETePay terminal works with a variety of payment processors, meaning you may not need to switch merchant accounts from your current processor in order to use NETePay. Processors supported by NETePay include Elavon, First Data, Global Payments, Chase Paymentech, TSYS, and more. Any processing company or independent sales office that runs on one of those platforms can likely support the NETePay virtual terminal.


As a virtual terminal, NETePay isn’t as feature-rich as a full point of sale system. The terminal allows you to take payments and process credits, voids, and returns. Beyond that, NETePay’s primary features are support for multiple payment types, the ability to batch-process transactions, and future-proof integration that allows your developers to continue to keep systems current even amid changing industry standards.

Multiple Payment Types
NETePay supports a wide range of payment types, helping ensure that you can accept whatever payments your customers want to use. NETePay can even support newer technologies such as EMV and contactless payments, ensuring you’ll be able to process transactions as more credit card companies switch to secure chip and contactless card options.

Batch Processing
For quickness and convenience, NETePay supports batch transaction processing, allowing you to submit many transactions at once instead of processing each transaction individually.

Future-Proof Integration
To help you keep pace with changing industry payment standards, NETePay provides an interface that helps developers integrate new solutions as trends and requirements evolve.


Optional accessories are available for you to configure a system for your needs. Specific supported models vary, but NETePay can support card readers, check readers, PIN pads, contactless readers, printers, and more. Available brands include Verifone, MagTek, IDTech, Equinox, and Ingenico.


NETePay provides security in several ways. The company is a PA-DSS validated payment solution, ensuring compliance with current security standards. Additionally, NETePay utilizes tokenization for cardholder safety, and uses point-to-point encryption with Datacap authorized hardware.

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Review posted: 05/14/16 new
Name: CardFellow
Title: good options


The NETePay virtual terminal is compatible with lots of models for card swipers and other accessories, which is handy for taking cards in person but still using a computer for the actual transaction details.