At Fuzzy Credit Card Processing, we're not quite as bad as other processors you've worked with, and we use that marginal advantage to bring you lower rates. If credit card processing rates have got you down, we can help.

We want you to feel warm and fuzzy. After all, it's in our name!

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Our Solutions

FREE credit card terminals for convenient in-store processing
Mobile credit card processing with our Circle card reader
No-coding shopping carts and gateways for easy online payments
All of our solutions come with our unbeatable low rates and the Fuzzy rate match guarantee

The Fuzzy Guarantee

We'll beat or match any competitor's rates or we'll
give you a FREE KITTEN!
  Fuzzy Credit Card Processing Other Processors
Rates starting at 0.89%*
FREE equipment
24/7 customer service voicemail
Fast setup

* Qualified rate applies only to swiped transactions involving a debit card. All other transactions will be charged at higher rates that we don't disclose here.

Our rates are the lowest anywhere!1

Our super-competitive rates and fees are listed below. This isn't all the fees because we don't want to make things
look too complicated, and we use a pricing scheme that conceals the real cost of processing so we don't have to
waste a ton of time explaining things.

Stay Put


  • Rates starting at 0.89%*
  • FREE terminal
  • Next-day funding
  • NO setup fee
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Hit the Road


  • Rates starting at 1.09%*
  • FREE mobile reader
  • 2-day funding
  • NO setup fee
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Go Online


  • Rates starting at 1.69%*
  • FREE gateway
  • Next-day funding
  • NO setup fee
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1Additional fees apply, including PCI compliance fee, PCI non-compliance fee, statement fee, free equipment supplemental fee, and a cancellation fee. Fees are subject to change at any time without notice to you.

*Qualified rate applies only to swiped transactions involving a debit card. All other transactions will be charged at higher rates that we're not showing you. Our pricing scheme is a win-win – you see a really low rate, and we still make a ton of money because we get to charge you using a higher rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have really good salespeople. They can make almost anything sound good, and they know when to turn on the pressure. We'll sell our way right into your pocket book!

You should know…

You bet we do! You see, here at Fuzzy Credit Card Processing we use a special pricing model that allows us to offer rates that look really low but still produce high monthly charges. The details about how it works are all pretty complicated, and we prefer to spare you the headache of all that confusing hooey – just take our word for it. We'll quote you the lowest rates you'll ever see.

You should know…

It's super low. Our pricing will save you a ton of money compared to what you're paying your current processor -- guaranteed. Check out our pricing to start saving today! Not processing yet? No problem! Just read the question above to learn about our low rates.

You should know…

Of course not! Well, not exactly. We don't technically raise your rates so much as we sort of move them around a little. The special pricing we use allows us to increase your costs just a smidge every few months while keeping the rates you see exactly the same. It’s a win-win! You can rest easy knowing that the rates on your statement won't change, and we can buy cool stuff with all the money we'll make.

You should know…

Not only will we match your processor's rates – we'll beat their over-charging pants off! We want you to think you have the lowest rates possible, and that’s certainly not the case if you're shopping for a new processor. Send us a copy of your current statement so we can see how badly you're currently being gouged. We'll crunch a few numbers, and we'll quote you rates that will be way different than your current processor.

You should know…

We're here to please! Simply sign our contract first, and we're more than happy to pay the cancellation fee of your current processor. Rest assured that Fuzzy Credit Card Processing isn't like all of the other credit card processors. We're straight-shooters that you can trust.

You should know…

Applying for a super-saving Fuzzy Credit Card Processing account is easy. Our fully trained staff is ready to assist you just long enough to get set up. Call our sales line at 800-509-4220. Be sure to press option 1 because option 2 is customer service, and you’ll have to leave a message that probably won’t be returned.

You should know…

This is a tricky question because people often use the term "contract" when they're really referring to a cancellation fee. In other words, customers ask if there’s a contract when they really want to know if there's a cancellation fee. Thankfully, this confusion in terms provides us with a great opportunity to avoid the question. All credit card processors have a contract. A contract is all that fine print that takes a really long time to read, so people usually skip it. Like all processors, Fuzzy Credit Card Processing has a contract.

You should know…

Due to new regulations that are partly real but that can be twisted to sound more dire, you need to use an EMV compliant terminal certified by us, or else you could face huge fines and the possibility of never being able to take cards again. Not only will your customer's card not work in your current terminal, the machine may actually destroy the card and cause your customers to go to another business, one that DID get an EMV terminal.

But don't worry. We include a free terminal with every new merchant account. Technically, we bundle the cost of the terminal into your rate, but you can think of it as a free terminal anyway.
We're usually happy to help, but we like some questions better than others. For example, we really like sales questions. In fact, questions about low rates and how much Fuzzy can save your business are our favorite. Ask these questions and you'll be in for a real treat. We’ll take your call immediately, or we'll call you back promptly, and we'll often send you documents full of numbers and colorful tables to support our answer. We're not so fond of questions that require us to do research, or to look into a problem. These types of questions are a real bummer, so we prefer to funnel them to a voice mail box that we empty every few weeks.
What exactly do you mean by "cancel?" Like, you want to totally close your account, or you just want to stop it for a little while? We're going to assume you're asking how to stop if for a little while. In this case, you don't have to do anything. Just move on to something else and forget about the whole "cancel my account" thing. However, if you want to totally close your account you'll have to call our retention department. They're really busy, though, so they won't answer the phone. Just leave a voice mail and they'll get back to you at some point.

Note that cancelling your merchant account doesn't necessarily stop Fuzzy from withdrawing money from your bank account.
We're always on the lookout for high-energy individuals that don't ask too many questions. Does this sound like you? If so, give us a call today. We won't waste valuable sales time with boring training. Heck no! We'll make you a master at high-pressure sales and we'll teach you only what you need to know to make a sale. You'll be making money hand over fist in no time.

Fuzzy in the News*

Who we are

Fuzzy Credit Card Processing is built on the noble concept of, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em."

We used to spend tons of time teaching people how credit card processing really worked. We'd bore the daylights out of them talking about things like interchange fees and assessments.

While we naively spent time educating people about credit card processing our crafty competitors were busy pitching exciting "rate-match" offers and using flashy words like "savings" and "low rates" to win a bunch of business.

Our competitors weren't burdened by silly things like facts, so they could explain pricing in a minute or two – something that took us much longer to convey transparently and accurately.

We saw the writing on the wall. Facts are boring and take a really long time to explain. Simple and flashy with a touch of omission and white lie are the ingredients to victory in the processing industry.

That's when Fuzzy Credit Card Processing committed to becoming the most transparently opaque, ethical-when-we're-caught-doing-something-unethical, seemingly competitive processor out there!

On a side note – for those of you still wondering, we should note that Fuzzy Credit Card Processing is a joke – sort of. 

Fuzzy Credit Card Processing is maintained by CardFellow, the easiest way to find the most competitive credit card processor. 

However, all of the nonsense in the processing industry makes it difficult for people to see just how effective CardFellow's free service really is. Processing reps often use ludicrous sales garbage and the result is that you miss out on the facts and end up paying more than you have to. 

Fuzzy Credit Card Processing is CardFellow's way of showcasing all of that sales garbage with a little sarcastic flare to help bring the facts back into focus. 

In a nutshell, Fuzzy Credit Card Processing serves two purposes: 

1. It's an educational tool that we use to expose the ridiculousness of the processing industry in an attempt to educate people about how things really work. 

2. It's an outlet for us to vent frustrations about the ridiculousness of the processing industry when our more conventional explanations through articles and tutorials on CardFellow's blog fail to get the point across.

If you're sick of the exact kind of tactics you're reading about on Fuzzy's website, save yourself further headache and try CardFellow.

Here's what we really do: