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I have long been looking for Cardfellow. Someone who understood the myriad factors involves in this process, could negotiate on my behalf for processing rates, could insulate me from processor "contract creep," and would audit my account to insure compliance with the above. For no cost! Almost too good to be true.

Jack CFO, West-Point.Org (WP-ORG)

We have been with our new processor for the better part of a year now, and I know that making this change is the most important decision I've ever made for our business. The money we've saved each month (hundreds) has provided us a buffer that has allowed us to stay afloat in this rough economy.

Walt Red Dog Public Safety Outfitters

After 10 years of feeling under-represented as a merchant and generally disillusioned about the state of merchant services and how the industry treats the merchants, we found CardFellow... and without exaggeration, it completely changed our outlook on the subject.

Adam President,

My experience with has been amazingly positive every step of the way. It's a quick and easy process that's actually understandable. CardFellow made sure that my business secured the best rates possible, while also making sure that there were no unnecessary fees.

Dukane President, Dukane Skin Care Inc.

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CardFellow is 100% Free.

We pay our bills by charging processors a small commission if you accept their quote.

We will help you find the best processor, and then we'll monitor your rates for life to ensure they never increase. There is no charge for any of our services.

CardFellow is Invitation-Only.

Only top-notch, prescreened processors that we invite are allowed in our marketplace.

Processors sign a contract with CardFellow that requires interchange plus pricing and forbids cancellation fees, rate increases and other unscrupulous sales tactics.

We Monitor Your Rates for Life.

We'll get you great rates, and then we'll make sure you keep them.

We provide free quarterly statement audits to ensure your rates never increase and your costs remain as low as possible.

If your rate ever increases (it hasn't happened yet), we'll deal with your processor.

Talk Is Cheap.

95% of the businesses that found a processor through CardFellow since 2008 are still with that processor today.

Every processor promises the best rate, but CardFellow actually delivers, instantly.

Choose a processor through CardFellow and the first statement from your new processor will show savings — enough said.