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CardFellow Offers Free Lifetime Monitoring to Ensure Lowest Rates

Statement Monitoring

Rate increases are thing of the past. We’ve launched our rate monitoring service that does two important things: it allows us to make sure your rates never increase, and it allows us to ensure you’re getting the lowest possible interchange rates, which are the largest portion of processing expense. Did we mention that it’s a free service? Continue reading

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Caution DurbinUPDATE: On June 29th the Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors issued final rulings on debit card interchange fees and recommended a $0.21 cap and an ad-valorem fee of 5bps (0.05%).

Leading credit card processing comparison Website is cautioning merchants that they may not benefit from reduced interchange fees proposed by the Durbin Amendment. The online marketplace is advising merchants to switch to a credit card processor that… Continue reading

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Survey: Many People Don’t Understand Credit Card Processing Fees – But They Think They Do

A recent survey conducted here at CardFellow uncovered a disturbing trend — many people don’t understand credit card processing fees, but they think they do.

What we saw when the results were in is that 65% of respondents claimed to have a fair to very good understanding of credit card processing fees while 81% claimed to have fair to no knowledge of interchange. And of that 81%, 35%… Continue reading

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