3 Delta Systems EC Zone Virtual Terminal Review

If that’s you, and you’re considering your virtual terminal options, here’s what you need to know about the virtual terminal available from 3 Delta Systems (3DSI.)


While virtual terminals are more limited in scope than some other types of payment options, you’ll be able to accept credit cards, send or print receipts, and view reports of transactions. Additionally, with 3DSI’s EC-Zone, you can process “enhanced data”, customize receipts and branding, store cardholder info safely, create templates, and even copy transactions to create new ones.

Process Enhanced Data

“Enhanced data” includes corporate and government credit cards, which have special requirements. With EC-Zone, you’ll be able to provide the required information and use tools like Address Verification to help you get the lowest processing rates for the transactions.


To keep branding consistent and create visual recognition for your clients and staff, you can add your logo to receipts, change the colors of your virtual terminal screen, and create a custom login similar to your website URL. Note that customization may cost extra, and some of the custom options have a one-time fee.

Store Cardholder Info Safely and Create Templates

The EC-Zone lets you securely store customer information for later use. Additionally, if you need to process recurring transactions, you can create templates to speed up the process.

Copy Transactions

If only some information is changing from one transaction to another, you can save time by copying a previous transaction and altering only the different information as needed.


3 Delta Systems EC-Zone virtual terminal provides multiple security features, including the ability to store and manage data in 3DSI’s network, helping you with PCI compliance. Additionally, you can set custom risk tolerances to minimize the likelihood of approving suspicious transactions.

If you have multiple employees that need access to the virtual terminal, you can create unique logins and manage permissions so that each staff member can only access what they need for their job.

Equipment and Accessories

To use the EC-Zone virtual terminal, you’ll need a computer with internet access. You can also use optional accessories like a USB card swiper if you’d prefer not to handkey information.

Taking Credit Cards

In order to use the EC-Zone virtual terminal, you’ll need a merchant account with a compatible credit card processing company. Fortunately, 3 Delta Systems works with multiple companies, including First Data, TSYS, Elavon, Vantiv, and Worldpay.

Pricing to accept credit cards through the EC-Zone virtual terminal will be set by the processing company that you choose. If you’d like to see fully disclosed pricing quotes with no hidden fees, try CardFellow’s free, no-obligation price comparison tool.

Product Features

Selective: First Data, TSYS, WorldPay, Vantiv/NPC, Elavon

Virtual Terminal

  • Batch upload transaction processing
  • Recurring billing
  • Level III data