FD130 Review and Profile 2023

The terminal provides businesses with the ability to accept almost all payment types, including traditional magnetic stripe credit cards, ATM cards, debit cards, EBT, gift cards in the First Data gift card program, and checks. (A check reader is required to accept checks using the TeleCheck Electronic Check Acceptance solution.) The FD130 also supports contactless payments, and EMV chip transactions. If you want to accept chip and PIN cards, you can use the FD130 with an external FD35 Pin pad. This is just few of the terminals in the market that supports chip and PIN on First Data. (Others include the Clover Mobile, Clover Mini, and PAX S80.)

For businesses that accept payments from international customers, the FD130 offers the option of a Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) service, allowing international customers to pay securely using their own currency.

Credit Card Processing with the FD130

Remember, the FD130 terminal is proprietary to First Data and can only be used with First Data processors for payment acceptance. It’s not necessarily a bad thing (especially since First Data is one of the largest payment processors and multiple smaller companies operate on its platform) but it’s something to keep in mind. If you wish to switch to a different processor who does not process with First Data, you will have to invest in new hardware.

The FD130 offers a convenient one-touch feature for functions needed most often, and includes an intuitive user interface. In addition to sales, businesses can process voids, refunds, and returns, activate and redeem gift cards, and look up or transfer gift card balances. Businesses can also split a transaction between multiple cards or payment types for customers who would like to pay with more than one form of payment.

You can also easily run and print reports directly from the FD130 terminal. Easily view batch history and total, batch total by card or user, gift card details, gift card totals, and more.

The FD130 terminal is proprietary and can only be used with First Data processors for payment acceptance.


The FD130 comes with First Data’s extensive security solutions, including industry-standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, PCI PED 2.0 approval, and Address Verification Service. The Address Verification Service makes it easy for you to verify the cardholder’s current address with the address the credit card company has on file. Additionally, the FD130’s built-in printer automatically truncates cardholder card numbers when printing receipts, ensuring card numbers aren’t available by simply looking at a receipt.


The FD130 is designed with several features to keep you up to date on transaction processing, including WiFi capability, touchscreen display, built-in printer, and the ability to add peripherals for extra functionality.

Connectivity and Communication

The FD130 offers connection through Ethernet, dialup, or using built-in WiFi. Dialup can also be used as a backup in case of lost connections using other methods. The terminal also includes 3 USB ports for connecting optional equipment for added functionality, such as check readers and PIN pads.

Display and Keypad

The FD130 offers a 320 x 240 full color display with touchscreen capability. The bright LCD is designed for easy viewing in all lighting. For users who prefer a keypad to a touchscreen, the FD130 offers durable alphanumeric keys.


64MB RAM memory comes standard with the FD130.


The built-in thermal printer takes standard 2.25” wide receipt paper and prints receipts at 15 lines per second. Drop-in paper loading makes changing the receipt paper quick and easy. Additionally, the printer automatically truncates card numbers on the receipts for cardholder security.


The FD130 terminal can connect with compatible accessories for extra functionality. The terminal can connect FD 35 PIN pads, check readers, and more.

Product Features

Selective: First Data

Credit Card Machines

  • Dial-Up
  • Dual/Comm
  • Wireless
  • Wifi
  • Contactless
  • EMV/ Smartcard
  • Built in Contactless Reader
  • NFC Capable
  • Internal PIN Pad
  • Store & Forward
  • Multiple merchant support
  • Multi application support
  • Encrypted

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