GDpay Review 2023

Global Data Payments, LLC (aka GDPay) is a payment processor that places certified quotes in the CardFellow marketplace. When you’re looking for competitive pricing with no cancellation fees, it may be worth your time to check out GDPay through CardFellow. In this GDPay review and profile, we’ll give you the details on GDPay’s rates and fees, services, reviews and reputation, equipment options, and more.


GDPay is a family-owned processor serving businesses across the United States since 1996. GDPay is a registered ISO and MSP of Chase Paymentech, LLC.

What services does GDPay offer?

GDPay offers credit and debit card processing, check processing, gift card solutions, and cash advances. You’ll have the option to take cards in-person (using traditional countertop machines or POS systems or using a mobile device) or online.

Credit and Debit Card Processing

With GDPay, you can accept major cards like Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Own a gas station? You may also be able to take fleet cards such as Voyager, Fleet One, FleetCor, Visa Fleet, and more, meaning you won’t lose business from fleet card customers.

Check Processing

Is accepting checks important to your business? GDPay has three check processing options: ACH & recurring payments, electronic check conversion, and Check 21.

With ACH/recurring, you can use GDPay’s ACH processing tool (designed for small and medium-sized businesses) to initiate an electronic transfer from your customer’s checking account using the “electronic credit” feature.

With electronic check conversion, accepting checks is as secure and convenient as accepting credit card payments. You’ll scan the customer’s paper check and an electronic image of the check will be securely stored. Your customer signs the receipt and receives the paper check back, and funds are credited to your business bank account automatically. With electronic check conversion, there is no need for a trip to the bank.

GDPay also offers the internet-based Check 21 solution to accept paper checks in-store or by mail and turn them into electronic payments. Scan checks to turn them into electronic documents using a check scanner and funds are automatically deposited in your business bank account.

Gift Cards

If you’re looking to get into the gift card game and take advantage of the funds generated from gift card sales, GDPay can provide a scalable solution designed for your needs. GDPay offers three gift card programs: Gift Card Now, Gift Card Advantage, and Gift Card Custom. For customers who already have a gift card program in place, GDPay can help transition your program to GDPay.

GDPay’s Gift Card Now program might be right for you if you want a simple, turnkey gift card program. The Gift Card Now solution comes with 50 or 100 gift cards personalized with your business information. Sample templates are available on GDPay’s website.

If your business is growing and you want enhanced branding, GDPay’s Gift Card Advantage program is a turnkey program that includes your business logo on the gift card. The Gift Card Advantage solution comes with 250 or 500 gift cards. Sample templates are available on GDPay’s website.

Or maybe you already have experience with gift cards or prefer a fully customized solution. If so, GDPay’s Gift Card Custom option provides fully customized gift cards. This option is designed for established businesses with multiple branches who will offer cards at all locations.

Online Payments

If you take payments (or want to take payments) online, GDPay offers multiple options. GDPay can support 4 different popular gateways, including the eProcessing Network (ePN), Authorize.Net, PayTrace, and Orbital.

Specific features may vary by gateway, but will allow you to process transactions securely through the web. Most gateways allow you to set up recurring billing, ideal if you sell goods or services on a subscription-model pricing plan. Additionally, gateways are compatible with many popular shopping carts for easy e-commerce customer checkout. Need to get your online sales data into an accounting program? No problem. Many gateways offer exporting data to QuickBooks or in other file formats for easy accounting.

Cash Advances

While CardFellow urges you to carefully weigh the pros and cons of merchant cash advances, if you decide you need one, GDPay can help with that. You don’t need good personal credit to apply or be approved, and GDPay states that funding is provided in as little as 72 hours. Funds can be used for almost any business expense, including marketing and advertising, purchasing inventory, expanding, buying equipment, and more.

Does GDPay offer equipment?

Yup. Specific terminal models vary, but GDPay offers equipment with all the current technology, like EMV chip card-capable terminals. They’ve also got you covered with the basics like printers PIN pads. GDPay offers equipment from Dejavoo, Verifone, and First Data.

Okay, but what’s it going to cost?

GDPay places certified quotes through CardFellow, meaning that they’ve agreed to CardFellow’s terms and conditions. When quoting through CardFellow, GDPay will use interchange plus pricing, commit to a lifetime rate lock, and more. You can get a quote from GDPay specific to your business by signing up for a free CardFellow account in just a few minutes. Sign up today!

What about contracts and cancellation fees?

Within CardFellow, GDPay does not charge a cancellation fee, as it’s prohibited. Contrast that with quotes you get outside of CardFellow. If you don’t go through our marketplace, GDPay’s standard contract is for 3 years and renews automatically. An early termination fee up to $350 may apply. Remember, if you choose GDPay through CardFellow, there is NO early termination fee.

GDPay Reviews

GDPay has been around for awhile, and generally has a positive reputation. The company doesn’t have negative reviews at Yelp or Ripoff Report, and has plenty of positive reviews from CardFellow clients.

GDPay According to GDPay’s website

GDPay dedicates a section of their website to customer testimonials. Reviewers praise the company’s low fees, seamless transitions from other processors, helpful staff, and big savings over other companies. Testimonials include the reviewer’s full name and the date that the review was made.

GDPay According to CardFellow

As GDPay has been in the CardFellow marketplace for several years, we have a lot of firsthand experience with them, and we’re happy to say we stand behind them. The quotes GDPay places through CardFellow are very competitive, and GDPay consistently gets high marks from businesses that choose them through us. As of December 2015, GDPay boasts a 4.5 star rating from 89 verified reviewers. At CardFellow, we have two types of reviews. Verified reviews are from businesses that we have confirmed chose their process through CardFellow and are working with them. Check out GDPay’s verified reviews. If you’re considering GDPay, be sure to take a look at their quote through CardFellow so that you’ll get all the benefits of both GDPay’s and CardFellow’s services.

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