Credit Card Processing

How to Use the CardFellow Code to Compare Processors

How often do you get calls and visits from processing reps promising to save you money? Daily? Weekly? These reps use a number of tactics to get you doubting your current processing solution. They may tell you that they can save you money, or that a new law means you’re now eligible for better rates, […]


The CardFellow Code is a handy feature we offer to help you keep pesky salespeople at bay while ensuring you can still find out if they’re really offering a better deal.

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Press Releases

CardFellow Offers Free Lifetime Monitoring to Ensure Lowest Rates

CardFellow’s free lifetime statement monitoring is just one of many benefits to using The credit card processing comparison website helps businesses lower their fees by an average of 40 percent and then monitors their statements to ensure rates remain as low as possible. CardFellow Lifetime Statement Monitoring, a leading merchant account comparison Website, […]

TwitterFacebookLinkedIn offers a monitoring service to ensure businesses keep the low rates they obtain through the online credit card processing marketplace.

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