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The Alliance Buying Group Review


May 15, 2019

The Alliance is a buying group located in Illinois and catering to the medical field, specifically optometry and eye care. The primary focus is on lowering purchasing costs, though other advice and assistance is also available, including professional marketing programs, social media management, and website development services. Its website includes links to the Vision Council and American Optometric Association, though it’s not clear if those are partners of the Alliance or just listed as resources. The group also lists upcoming events relevant to optometrists and those in the medical field.

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Buying Group Name: The Alliance
Number of members:

How does this group work?

When you join the Alliance, you’ll have access to custom pricing through partner vendors, and can take advantage of the Alliance’s customer service. Notably, the Alliance claims to offer exclusive contact lens pricing that may save you money.

What is its focus?

While the group offers marketing assistance and other benefits, the primary focus is on saving you money through access to negotiated pricing for products, including eyewear and other medical supply products, as well as office supplies.

How does it work in terms of the purchasing process?

You can place orders with more than 250 vendors for the supplies you need at your practice. Products are shipped directly to you, while invoices are sent to the Alliance. The group will then send you one monthly bill, consolidating all of your orders, for easy accounting. (In some limited cases, you’ll receive invoices directly from the vendors.)

Additionally, the Alliance serves as the pricing ‘gatekeeper’ by monitoring price changes, investigating pricing discrepancies or discount problems, and serving as a point of contact between you and the vendors, freeing up your time to focus on your business.

You can also go through the Alliance for equipment purchases, including office equipment like computers, printers, and fax machines.

You may also be eligible for special Alliance Rewards in certain situations, including when you add a vendor to your account and make purchases through that vendor for 3 months. Promotional rewards subject to change.

How does the buying group choose vendors?

The Alliance works with many leading vendors, and also allows members to “add” a vendor to their buying group account. An up-to-date list of vendors is available on the Alliance’s website.

How much does it cost to join?

There is no charge to participate in the Alliance, however it’s strongly encouraged that you make at least $3,000 in purchases per year while an Alliance member. To join, you’ll need to contact the Alliance to submit an application.

Alliance Buying Group Reviews

The Alliance includes a section for testimonials on its website, listing the full name and practice name of the reviewer. Reviewers praise the group for helping with organization and marketing, saving the business money, providing helpful and friendly customer service, assisting with social media outreach, and providing good discounts.

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