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Opening and managing a gym can be difficult, but Wodify gym management software aims to change all that. It’s a complete solution for managing every aspect of gym membership, programs, trainers, customers, equipment, and much more. We’ll explore how the software works, key features, and how it can help you as a gym owner or manager.

Wodify Overview

Wodify is gym management software that allows you, your staff, contractors, and gym members (known as athletes) to access and manage the parts of your gym that are important to them. This includes athlete management, gym management, website management, and other services.


Wodify by the Numbers

  • Used in over 4,000 gyms around the world.
  • 100,000 performance results logged by gym members every day.
  • Performance tracking has almost a 100% adoption rate for members.
  • Over 125 million performance results logged overall.

Wodify Features and Benefits

Wodify is packed with features that will benefit you, your staff, and your clients. We’ve broken down the features into two main categories: athlete management and gym management and explained the key benefits in sections below.

Athlete Profiles

You, your personal trainers, coaches, and individual athletes can track every aspect of an athlete’s progress, performance, membership, classes, and more from a central location. Additionally, you can set up digital contracts and waivers and allow for e-signing to make onboarding new athletes fast and easy. Need to track member info? You can also tag athletes to track injuries or other factors so you can manage their fitness needs more easily.

Performance Tracking

Individual athletes can use the Wodify app to track their performance — for example, the weight of their bench press, the speed they ran 5 miles, or their heart rate after 10 minutes on the cross-trainer. Athletes can then work to improve over time.

Food Profiles

Athletes can log their eating habits and nutrition against their profiles. Your nutrition coaches can review athlete meals to provide personalized diet advice to help them meet their weight loss, weight gain or other nutritional goals.

Interactive Kiosk

Athletes can access all of their information from interactive kiosks in your gym. They can easily login and view their profile, historic performance data, and more. This information is also available to coaches and personal trainers so they can effectively set a training regimen.


You can promote friendly competition in the gym by showing daily and all-time leaderboards based on athlete performance.

Class Scheduling and Reservations

Athletes can book and amend classes via interactive kiosks in your gym or via your gym website. They can also find out when personal trainers are available and schedule an appointment with them.

Gym Management

On the gym management side, features are designed to give you insight and control for every aspect of running your gym. You can take advantage of reporting, automated billing, and more.

Dashboards, Reporting, and Analytics

Wodify gives you insight into the health of your gym, including memberships, sign-ups, attendance, real-time dashboards, revenue, and daily reports. You can even see when your gym members’ birthdays are and surprise them.

Attendance tracking and other reporting allows you to manage staff levels, the  need for coaches / personal trainers, equipment, rooms, and more. You can optimize your class schedule to make the most of the resources you have available.

Automated Billing and Payments

Wodify collects payments from your members using an automated, monthly billing process. You can choose to encourage your athletes to attend the classes they’ve signed up for by charging fees if they don’t show or cancel outside your cancellation period.

Lead Management

Wodify has built in customer relationship management (CRM), helping you track, manage, and communicate with potential members. This can help you convert interested people into fully paid up athletes and grow your clientele.

Customer Relationship Management

Wodify’s CRM solution lets you send out customized emails or text messages to athletes with special offers or gym news. You can also celebrate birthdays, milestones, personal accomplishments, or anything else you want to share.

Time Tracking and Payroll

Wodify has built-in time tracking for your employees, contractors, and other people who provide services on your gym’s behalf. Wodify also allows you to run payroll so you can compensate everyone appropriately.

Other Services

In addition to athlete and gym management, Wodify offers features designed for other aspects of staff, gym, and website management. The company offers this video about its product:

Online Options and Website Integration

Wodify integrates with your gym website, allowing potential members to view and book trial sessions and trial classes. They can also purchase a membership, improving your conversion rates. Wodify can automatically publish your workout schedule, calendar, athlete leaderboard, inquiry form, and online sales portal to your website.

Class Management, Scheduling, and Coaching

Your athletes can view and book their place in fitness classes. This helps you plan for attendance and ensure you have enough trainers and coaches to meet your members’ needs. Coaches and personal trainers can modify classes based on athlete attendance, needs, and performance levels.

Sell Merchandise

If you have gym-branded or other merchandise, Wodify allows you to sell it in-person or online. It will manage your product inventory and allow you to make sales. It also integrates with Shopify to provide a high-quality, online experience. Coaches can even use the app to sell their own gear directly to athletes.

Exercise and Workout Planning

Wodify has built-in workout and exercise planning features. Coaches can build customized workouts quickly using a built-in exercise database, and an easy-to-use training creator.

Social Insights into Your Athletes

Wodify scans your athlete’s social media profiles to give you insights into their social media habits. This makes it easier to create a rapport and speak to their interests. It also allows athletes to share their news and achievements directly into their social media profiles to help foster a sense of community and connect with other members.

Wodify Pricing

In the past, Wodify utilized a pricing structure based on the number of members of your gym that use the product. However, the company eventually switched to a model that offers a choice of different monthly pricing plans. Wodify offers three plans: Engage, Grow, and Promote. In the past, the company posted the pricing (starting at $79 for Engage, $149 for Grow, and $299 for Promote) – however, at the time of this update in 2023, the package names remain the same, but the chart just has a button to request pricing.

The Engage plan, suggested for small facilities who need basic features, is the plan for those getting started. The Grow plan is for gyms that are, well, growing. The Promote plan is suggested for larger businesses that need to take advantage of options like business automation.

You can optionally add on packages like Wodify Perform, the workout tracking system for your members, or the Wodify Pulse heart rate training system. Costs for these add-on packages are not published.

The plan you choose will also determine your credit card processing rates if you utilize the integrated Wodify Payments solution, which we’ll discuss in more detail in the next section.

Credit Card Processing and Equipment

Wodify offers an integrated credit card processing solution powered by Stripe. You’ll receive flat rate pricing and can accept major credit and debit cards or ACH payments.

Credit and debit card processing costs vary depending on the plan you choose. Engage plan members will pay 3% + 30 cents per transaction, Grow plan members will pay 2.8% + 30 cents and Promote plan members pay 2.6% + 25 cents. ACH payments will cost 1.5% of the total plus 30 cents per transaction.

If you’d prefer not to use the Stripe solution, you can use GoEMerchant or Paysafe for payment processing and connect the gateway to Wodify. In that case, your pricing for accepting cards will be set by GoEMerchant or Paysafe, with the exception of a $20 monthly charge from Wodify for using an alternate payment processing system.

Flat rate credit card processing may or may not be the lowest cost option for your business. Be sure to compare costs to determine the right fit for your business.

Wodify sells computers, interactive kiosks, and more for your reception area, back office, or exercise space. They also provide USB and mobile credit card swipers for payment processing. Swipers cost $89.99.

Wodify Support

Wodify has several options for customer service and support, including a knowledge base with information on every aspect of the software, including all of its functions, features, and integrations. The company maintains a YouTube channel for how-to videos, as well as an ideas forum, blog for gym management tips, and a Facebook community for gym owners to interact and share ideas.

You can also contact Wodify by phone for immediate support.

Wodify is a fully-featured gym and athlete management program. If you’re an established gym, or you’re just thinking of starting one, Wodify could provide you with many of the features you need to make it a success. However, the pricing may be cost-prohibitive for some gyms, especially given the availability of competitors with flat rates.


So what do gym owners think of Wodify?

G2 currently shows a 4.3 out of 5-star rating from 25+ reviews. The positive reviews praise Wodify for being easy to use and having a great support team. They like the all-in-one nature of the software and integrated payment processing. Some do say that they wish it was more intuitive to add workouts and one negative review said that Wodify has gone downhill by making it easier for customers to submit chargebacks and charging for failed CC transactions.

GetApp largely has the same sentiment, with the software getting a 4.3 star overall rating from 75+ reviews. The positive reviews state the the software is easy to use, has a good-looking interface, and that integrated payment processing is convenient. The negative reviews say that the software is expensive, that it can be hard to navigate, and that workout logging is limited and lacks an offline version.

Have you used Wodify? What did you think? Let us know in the comments!

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