YapStone Review 2023


YapStone got into payment processing in 1999 by launching RentPayment, the credit card processing payment option for apartment rentals.

What can YapStone help me with?

Designed for rent payments, YapStone lets you take regular payments from long-term tenants, payments for short-term vacation rentals, storage unit rental payments, and more.

YapStone homepage

Taking Payments

YapStone lets you quickly and safely take credit cards, debit cards, ACH payments, and cash through multiple channels, including online, by email, via mobile app, by phone, by text, or in person.

YapStone enables payment acceptance through a payments API that functions as a gateway for online payments, using point-of-sale swipers for in-person transactions, mobile payment options through the use of apps, and customizable web applications to use with a virtual terminal for entering payment information you receive by phone. All methods benefit from security technologies, including encryption, to help reduce the chances of fraud.

Processing International Payments

Since YapStone offers payment processing for businesses like vacation rentals, you might find it necessary to take payment in another currency. YapStone supports multiple international currencies, including Euros, Canadian dollars, British pounds, and more. You can choose your settlement currency to make sure you get paid in your own preferred currency.


YapStone doesn’t provide many details about equipment. As the company focuses heavily on rental payments, many YapStone customers accept payment online or in-person using a virtual terminal and therefore don’t need point-of-sale equipment. Online and virtual terminal payments require a computer with internet access to use. YapStone may be able to support some types of in-person swiper devices if you prefer to use that type of equipment.

Tell me about security

YapStone is Level 1 PCI compliant, helping to reduce the chances of fraud or other security issues. Additionally, YapStone uses third party fraud prevention software monitored by a dedicated payments safety team.

What are the costs?

YapStone doesn’t publish rate or fee information to use their services. No problem! You can get a quote from YapStone directly through CardFellow. Your quote will be fully disclosed. To get started, sign up for a free CardFellow account and request a quote from Yapstone.

YapStone Reviews

YapStone’s reputation is intertwined online with the reputations of its offshoot companies (like VacationRentPayment.com and RentPayment.com) which means that many of the available reviews are from tenants and renters, not from the business using YapStone for payment processing.

YapStone on Yelp

Yelp is one of the places where YapStone reviews are from business owners. As of late November 2015, there are 2 one-star reviews for a one-star total rating for YapStone. Reviews accuse YapStone of predatory practices and fee structures, poor customer service, and inability to fix problems.

YapStone and RentPayment.com at the Better Business Bureau

YapStone, Inc. doesn’t have a profile with the Better Business Bureau, but RentPayment.com does. Neither company name is accredited with the BBB, but RentPayment.com’s profile indicates an A+ rating nonetheless. Companies that have profiles but not accreditation have not necessarily sought out accreditation, so it isn’t an automatic indication that the BBB advises against the company.

As of late November 2015, RentPayment.com has had 27 complaints lodged with the BBB in the past 3 years. The majority of the complaints (17) are in the category “Billing/Collection Issues” with the remaining complaints spread among “Problems with Product/Service” (7 complaints), “Advertising/Sales Issues” (2 complaints), and “Delivery Issues” (1 complaint.)

Not all details are available, but readable complaints allege inaccurate late fees, high payment fees, and fees not clearly disclosed. However, these complaints seem to primarily come from tenants complaining about the fees, not from businesses complaining about their processing fees. It is not clear if (or how many) of the remaining complaints apply to business owners using YapStone instead of tenants paying.