Saleem Khatri is the Chief Executive Officer of Lavu. Saleem has a "founders mentality", with a track record of working with high-growth software companies. He is a rare breed of someone who is both a hands-on leader and a strategic visionary and brings with him a myriad of inspiration, technical acumen, and a passion for our products, services, and customers. Prior to Lavu, Saleem successfully launched software and hardware products at start-ups via Y Combinator and managed a $79 billion investment portfolio on behalf of the United States Department of the Treasury. Saleem earned his MBA from the Harvard Business School and his undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan -- Ann Arbor.

Restaurants and Bars

5 Ways to Improve Your Restaurant Customer Service with a POS System

While you might initially implement one in order to decrease your payment processing time, a point-of-sale system can actually do wonders for all facets of your restaurant, especially customer service. There are several reliable methods for leveraging your point-of-sale system in order to upgrade your business methods and improve the customer experience. You can, for…


Customer service upgrades can take are often hassles that take time and money, but one of the more unexpected and simpler ways you can boost customer service quality is with the right point-of-sale system.

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