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Based in New York and founded in 2006, Sekure Merchant Solutions offers credit and debit card processing to businesses across the country.
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Sekure Merchant Solutions (aka Sekure Cost Review and Sekure Card Services) provides payment processing though North American Bancard. The company has an “enthusiastic” team of sales representatives but this Sekure Merchant Solutions review and profile will give you an objective report on the company’s services and reputation, along with providing industry insights.

What services can Sekure Merchant Solutions offer?

Sekure Merchant Solutions offers general processing services for in-store, online, mobile, and mail/phone order transactions. With this company you can accept all major brands of credit and debit cards as well as process electronic checks. Gift cards, loyalty programs, and business cash advances are also offered services.

In-Store Processing

Whether you use a full point-of-sale system, standard terminal, or take payments on a computer with a virtual terminal, Sekure Merchant Solutions can do the processing for you. Depending on your equipment, you can key-in payments or accept swiped cards, EMV/smartcards, and contactless payments.

More payment options for customers means easier sales for your business. Sekure Merchant Solutions also offers fleet card acceptance and tailored equipment solutions for gas stations.

Online Processing

Along with fraud detection tools and ability to validate payments, Sekure Merchant Solutions allows you to accept credit cards payments through your website. The company claims that it specializes in ecommerce and can help your website transition seamlessly from a previous processor to using its services. It also supports over 80 different certified shopping carts.

Mobile Processing

Owning a business is hard enough without the extra effort of chasing down payments. With mobile processing you can take payments on the spot, wherever that spot may be. Sekure Merchant Solutions offers services that can transform your smartphone or tablet into a payment device. Wireless terminals are also offered. Mobile processing is a great convenience for those that make deliveries, travel with to fairs or tradeshows, or perform services at various locations.

Mail/Phone Orders

Sekure Merchant Solutions can provide equipment or turn your existing computer into a means of keying-in payments through use of its virtual terminal. Using encryption and other security protocols, sensitive data is protected. With use of the virtual terminal you have access to customer support 24/7 as well.

Gift Cards and Loyalty Program

Interested in expanding the influence of your business? What about rewarding customers for repeated business with you? Sekure Merchant Solutions claims it can provide any sized business with customized gift cards or loyalty programs.

Business Cash Advance

If you are looking for working capital and fast, Sekure Merchant Solutions offers a business cash advance, also known as a merchant cash advance. Cash advances can be used for almost any business expense, but they do come at a price. We typically advise against taking these. They can seem like a good deal, but crunching the numbers show how costly they really are when compared to a standard loan.

What about equipment?

Sekure Merchant Solutions claims it can reprogram your existing terminal or, if you need equipment, it will provide you with a free credit card machine. A variety of equipment is offered through the company, though specific models are not listed.

Sekure Merchant Solutions Rates and Fees

Sekure Merchant Solutions claims low rates, but does not publish any pricing information on its website. If you want to know how much its services would cost your business and how it stacks up against other processors, request a quote through CardFellow. Our free service allows you to get fully disclosed pricing of any processor you choose. Sign up here!

Sekure Merchant Solutions Reviews and Online Reputation

The processing industry can be a tangled web. As seen from the company’s profile at the Better Business Bureau, Sekure Merchant Solutions has the alternate names Sekure Cost Review and Sekure Card Services. Both sell processing services on separate websites as if the companies were individual entities. If you dig a little deeper, both into reviews and testimonials, you will see that Sekure Merchant Solutions (and its other aliases) is a reseller of North American Bancard.

Strangely, North American Bancard has had a few hundred complaints closed with the BBB in the last 3 years and not a single one displays details. Reading through the many negative reviews on Yelp, however, you will see allegations of hidden fees, high cancellation fees, impossible to reach customer service, and other complaints from people who generally feel like the company took advantage of them.

The online reviews specifically directed at Sekure Merchant Solutions are mostly complaints about sales representatives being rude and relentless; not much is mentioned about services. This is possibly because reviewers target North American Bancard when they realize that the contract and processing are through it and not Sekure Merchant Solutions. Testimonials on the company website as well as positive reviews at the BBB claim that the company has excellent customer service and fulfills its promises. 

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Posted by CardFellow on Sep 26, 2018


Sekure offers a basic range of credit card processing functions for online and in-person businesses.