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Accept Credit Cards / Electronic Merchant Systems Review

Accept Credit Cards is a division of Electronic Merchant Systems. For the purposes of credit card processing services, the two names are used interchangeably. The company is located in Virginia, and offers credit card processing services to businesses in almost any industry.

What services does Electronic Merchant Systems / Accept Credit Cards offer?

ACC offers credit and debit card processing for the four major card brands as well as health savings cards. It also provides electronic check processing and gift card solutions.

Credit and Debit Card Processing

The ability to take credit cards is more important than ever. Accept Credit Cards can set you up to take credit cards in person, by phone or mail order, or online through your business website.

Health Savings Card Processing

As a company that can work with doctors and dental practices, ACC enables processing of health savings cards so your patients can pay with their preferred card. Read more about the specifics of how to take credit cards at a doctor’s office or take credit cards at your dental practice.

Electronic Check Processing

If your customers still prefer to pay with checks but you’re sick of the hassle of going to the bank, electronic check processing could be for you. A paper check is converted electronically at the time of sale, eliminating the need to go to the bank to physically deposit the check. Additionally, if you follow the correct procedures, you won’t be liable for any bounced checks.

Gift Cards

ACC offers personalized electronic gift cards that can be run through your credit card machine. Standard and custom gift cards are available, allowing you to choose whether to customize the look or simply add your business name and info to a standard card.

Can I get reports?

Yes. Electronic Merchant Systems offers an online reporting portal where you can view statements, see deposit summaries, monitor transaction activity, see chargebacks, and more.

What about equipment?

Accept Credit Cards offers a variety of modern credit card processing equipment for purchase. Available brands include Clover, PAX, Verifone, First Data, Magtek, and Hypercom. Additionally, the company may be able to reprogram your current equipment if you don’t want to purchase a new machine.

Electronic Merchants Systems’ Rates and Fees

On its website, Electronic Merchants Systems / Accept Credit Cards publishes three different account packages, a retail/point-of-sale package, a mail and phone order package, and an ecommerce package.

Retail Mail/Phone Ecommerce
1.33% + $0.29 per transaction* 2.49% + $0.29 per transaction 2.49% + $0.29 per transaction
Service fee: $8.00 Service fee: $8.00 Service fee: $13.00

*Applies to Visa, MasterCard, and Discover debit transactions. Rates for credit card transactions are not disclosed.

All packages also have a $35 application fee. A monthly gateway fee may also apply.
Pricing subject to change, and additional fees may apply. Published pricing does not include costs for American Express transactions.

Accept Credit Cards is active in the CardFellow system, so if you’d like to see exactly how the pricing stacks up, be sure to request a personalized quote right from this profile. Our processing quote comparison software allows you to easily compare Accept Credit Cards pricing to any other processor you’d like.

Accept Credit Cards / Electronic Merchant Systems Reviews

As you might have guessed, researching a company with a name like “Accept Credit Cards” brings up a lot of other general information that isn’t helpful for this section. However, there isn’t a lot of info available for Electronic Merchant Systems, either. What is available consists mostly of reviews on the company’s own website.

A company by the name of Electronic Merchant Systems comes up with complaints on the Better Business Bureau website, but this is not the same company. The Electronic Merchant Systems, Inc. Better Business Bureau profile for the payment processing company has no reviews or complaints. It’s not an accredited business with the BBB, but does have an A+ rating as of spring 2016.

As mentioned, Electronic Merchant Systems / Accept Credit Cards includes a section for testimonials on its website. Reviews from happy customers praise the company’s straightforwardness, lack of hidden fees, quality service, low rates, and helpful technical support. Many clients mention being targeted by other companies with lower costs that never materialized, and preferring Accept Credit Cards. Reviews include the client’s name, and sometimes business name or position within the company.

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Posted by Danielle otto on Mar 22, 2023


The most horrific costumer service. Our salon had three fail attempts for devices to accommodate our needs. They placed the blame on us and then charged a fee for the contract. We had IT and phone companies to come to the salon to attempt to solve the issues but they were unable to do so. I would never recommend this company for any business use.

Posted by CardFellow on Apr 25, 2018


ACC publishes rates and it also offers services for "specialty" needs like the ability to accept health care cards.

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