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Allegiant Payment Solutions Review

Allegiant Payment Solutions (not to be confused with Allegiant Payments, LLC) is a payment processing company located in Arizona. It offers a basic range of services for accepting credit and debit cards. Touting a commitment to transparency and 24-hour customer service, Allegiant processes through WorldPay. If you’re in the market for a payment processor, read on for the full details in this Allegiant Payment Solutions review and profile.

Allegiant Payment Solutions’ Services

For processing credit and debit cards, Allegiant offers the basic services you’d expect. You’ll be able to take credit cards in person (either using traditional machines or mobile equipment), using a virtual terminal, or online. You can also sell and redeem gift cards.

In-Person Processing

For taking payments in-person, Allegiant Payment Solutions gives you the option of using a traditional countertop terminal, point of sale system, or mobile processing solution. If you’re on the road a lot and want to use your smartphone or tablet to take payments, the mobile processing solution might be for you. If you generally take payments in the same location, like a store or restaurant, traditional in-person processing will meet your needs.

Virtual Terminal Processing

A virtual terminal is the name given to a secure, web-based application that lets you take credit card payments using your computer. Great for phone and mail order businesses, the virtual terminal lets you enter card information remotely.

Online Processing

Unfortunately, APS doesn’t give much information on its online processing services beyond saying that it’s seamless and secure. The company offers no information about whether there are hosted payment pages, and doesn’t offer details on security.

Gift Cards

Increasingly popular for many different occasions, gift cards are a great option for building repeat business. Allegiant offers customizable cards so you can keep them consistent with your business marketing while driving sales.

Equipment for Processing

Allegiant Payment Solutions mentions equipment on its website, but doesn’t offer a lot of details. The company states it can help you determine what equipment is right for you, and boasts that it can get you set up with traditional countertop terminals, mobile processing, full point of sale systems, or online payments. Allegiant mentions that equipment is available for purchase.

Allegiant Payment Solutions’ Rates and Fees

Like many processors, Allegiant Payment Solutions sets rates and fees by business. There is no pricing listed on its site. If you’d like to know the pricing for processing using Allegiant Payment Solutions, you can get a private quote specific to your business by using this quote request tool. It’s free, and the processor(s) you request pricing from can’t see your contact info.

Allegiant Payment Solutions’ Reviews

As with a lot of smaller payment processing companies, Allegiant Payment Solutions doesn’t have a large reputation online. The company currently has no reviews available with Yelp, Google, or Ripoff Report. The company also does not have a profile with the Better Business Bureau. (Note that there is a company called Allegiant Payments LLC, which does have a profile with the BBB, but that is a different business and is located in Washington.)

There is one testimonial on Allegiant’s website, with the full name and business name of the reviewer. The testimonial praises Allegiant for being easy to work with, attentive to needs, and knowledge of processing.

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Posted by CardFellow on Apr 25, 2018


Allegiant touts 24 hour customer service, indicating commitment to its clients.